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Upcoming Community Events

Cancer 101: Basics and Beyond

The Providence Regional Cancer System invites you and a guest to attend a complimentary dinner event for patients at all stages of treatment.



Living With and Beyond Cancer

Cancer can take a toll physically. It can also shake up your emotions, relationships, spiritual beliefs, finances and more. Providence Regional Cancer System and Mason General Hospital invite you to a free information session to help you cope with the many aspects of cancer. Cobie Whitten, PhD, has extensive experience working with cancer patients. As the session leader, she’ll provide information, resources and support for people at all points along the cancer journey. Patients, family members and friends are all welcome.

Darkness to Light

Learn to recognize and prevent childhood sexual abuse.

Common Hand and Elbow Complaints

Is hand or elbow pain limiting your everyday activities? There may be an option to relieve the pain. Join orthopedic surgeon Keith Birchard, MD, and Providence occupational therapist Lisa Schwartz as they discuss ways to relieve common hand and elbow complaints. 

Bladder Health

More than 25 million people in North America experience incontinence, or loss of bladder control. Do you leak uring with coughing or exercise? Do you know that an overactive bladder can be "trained?" Join Providence Centralia physical therapists and incontinence specialists Missy Peterson, PT; Erin Galarza, DPT; and urologist Robert Hehn, MD as they discuss bladder health.

Your Aching Back

There’s almost nothing more frustrating than the limits back pain puts on your life. Whether your back pain is new or you’ve been coping with it for years, there are treatment options. At this event, a panel of specialists – including four neurosurgeons, a physical medicine doctor and a physical therapy doctor – will discuss a range of treatments and help you discover the best approach for alleviating your pain.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Lives

Providence sponsoring free 5-week series for families. Learn how to identify risk factors for unhealthy conditions and how to make/sustain healthy choices regarding food, physical activity and more. View Flyer >>

Sessions include:

  • March, 5: Healthy me - A state of mind and body
  • March 12, Gotta move! Physical fitness can be fun
  • March 19, Gotta eat! What are the best choices
  • March 26, Shopping for health
  • April 2, Staying Fit!
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Give Your Heart a Tune Up

Join us at a free event to meet Dr. Steven Masley, former Olympia resident and physician, nutritionist, researcher, trained chef and award-winning patient educator. Dr. Masley is returning to his hometown to share four simple steps that can help you turn back the clock on aging and keep your heart healthy.

Cancer Survivor Celebration

Join us as we celebrate you, your family members and caregivers! If you currently have cancer or had it in the past, you and a guest are invited to attend our fourth annual cancer survivor celebration. This free event will feature keynote speaker and breast cancer survivor, Kathy LaTour, plus a panel of experts on wellness, survivorship and more! View Flyer >>