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I Give One Hour Club

Badge ReelWant to supersize your Employee Giving? Join with many other Providence employees who demonstrate their pride and generosity through the "I Give One Hour" club. Simply donate the equivalent of one hour of pay or more per pay period (1/80th of your paycheck) for one year. You can donate to Providence, to United Way, or both—as long as it equals one hour of your pay per pay period. The perks of the Hour Club include a special "I Give One Hour" badge reel and name recognition on special Hour Club displays (located at Colby and Pacific campuses).

Join the Club today by clicking here!

Club Members:

This past year, approximately 500 employees generously stepped forward to pledge more than $321,000 of support toward the annual “I Give” Employee Campaign. Of the employees contributing, 151 became members of the “I Give One Hour” club by donating at least one hour of their pay from each paycheck for the year. Together, these club members account 67% of the total support raised during the annual campaign. A sincere thank you to the “I Give One Hour” club members listed below for their generosity and leadership.

This listing was generated on August 8th 2016 and does not include donors who wished to remain anonymous. Great care is taken in compiling this list, if you see an error please contact 425-258-7903. Thank you.

Rosalyn AbadLaynie Adams
Tami Allen
Sherry Allen
Erin Al-Wazan
Frank Andersen, MD
David Anderson
Jerry Arneson
Michelle Arneson
Martin Badie
Ruth Bates
Geoffrey Bedell
Patricia Beginski
Jackie BeechnerMaria Bermudez-Cardines
Marilyn Birchman
Sheila Bleakney
Lynn Blosser
Ashley Bontje
Tom Brennan
Gloria Brinkley
Chris Britton
Tracy Brossard
Betsy Caldwell
Nic Caldwell
Heather Case
Shelley Castellino
Danica Chadwick
Erin Chaney
Lloyd Christensen
Rebecca Clark
Myra Cooley
Angela Cope
Kimberly Costas, MD
Allan Coyle
Jennifer Coyle
Lynne Craig
Susan Craig
Liberty Davis
Lori Davis
Nancy Divers
Cherie Echelbarger
Lisa Ervin
Catherine Fabian
Nancy Farley
Sheri Feeney
Judith Ferrel
Barbara Fetty-Solders
Linda Field
Scott Forslund
Patricia Freeburg
Mike Gaffney
Toni Gates
Lisa George
Tina Gilson
Enrique Gonzales
Shannon Gordon
Cheryl Grohn
Heather Haake
Jeff Hambleton
Kathleen Hansen
Elizabeth Hardman
Eloise Hardman
Shari Harris
Kim Hicks
Samantha Hoffman
Patricia Holmes
Shelley Houston
Barbara Hudson
Becky Huning
Jennifer Hunter
Barbara Hyland Hill
Kristen Jacobson
Tiffany Johnson
Valerie Johnson
Deborah Jurgenson
Nichole Kellogg
Caitlyn Kendrix
Jessica Kinney
Patricia Kirby
Kristen Kishline
Daren Klein
Lori Kloes
Cassandra Koelle
Angela Kokinakos
Malick Krubally
Karen Laitinen
Patty Lanes 
Lisa Langan
Amy Law
Pauline Lindsey
Gemma Lindsley-Beld
Lisa Link
Jennifer Lucas
Roni Lyons
Neansai Magee
Betty Maitland
Jenna Marshall
Matthew Masterson
Katherine Matthews
Cambree McCoy
Christine McCutchan
Mia Miley
Jill Morrill
Brittania Murray
Jennifer Myers
Deborah Nalty
Tricia Nelson
Tom Obay
Michelle Odea
Samantha Ogasawara
Kimberly Owens
Mitesh Parikh
Aurora Pearson
Carol Petersen
Kristie Putnam
Karla Quast
Darren Redick
Rina Redrup
Alma Reed
Brooke Rhoadarmer
Joanne Roberts, MD
Linda Rodriguez
Janice Roe
Cheryl Sackrider
Laura Senter
Jeff Shelby
Preston Simmons
Glen Singleton
Mark Sizemore
Peggy Skiftenes
Peter Smeltz
Terryl Smith
Margaret Steen
Tina Stensland
Barbara Stimek
Carmen Stokes
Sherry Stoll
Paige Taylor
Christine Tipton
Diane Torrance
Siska Treacy
David Tsung
Wendy Turner
Megan Warth
Becky Weiderstrom
Cynthia Wentworth
Michele Whitt
Gary Wickman
Linda Wilcoxson
Valerie Wilkerson
Kim Williams
Wendy "Roz" Winters
CJ Johnson-Wise
Matt Wonser
Thomas Yetman, MD
Gretchen Zemke