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Amanda Achterman, DO Providence-employed provider


Family Medicine, Primary Care
525 Lilly Rd. NE
Olympia, WA 98506
P: (360) 493-7230
F: (360) 493-4180

Dr. Achterman is a Resident at Providence Medical Group—St. Peter Family Medicine.

Philosophy of Care

My philosophy of care is to treat each patient as I would want my family to be treated.  It means listening to them and their concerns before bringing up my own.  It means not just providing a physical and some medications but a lending hand and a listening ear. I hope to form a relationship of trust by being an advocate for my patients.  Above all my philosophy is to provide respect to each and every person, and to give them the time and care they deserve.

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Medical School

Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, California


Providence Medical Group—St. Peter Family Medicine


Medical Interests

I am interested in care of the underserved and marginalized populations both nationally and internationally. I am intrigued by healthcare systems and their role in aiding or worsening the care and access for these populations. I also am interested in learning about and applying newer and novel ideas to approach care and education within underserved populations. I hope to focus some time on maternal and child health, environmental health, and community health education.

Personal Interests

I enjoy doing almost anything with family and friends regardless of whether it is my favorite thing to do or not, skydiving might be a bit much though. I like to stay active and my favorite things to do are to swim or ride my bike, but I’m game for almost anything, and I’m looking forward to getting back into skiing. I also grew up doing a lot of baking and making crafts, so I like to make things for people to celebrate special occasions or to say thank you.