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Vivian Au, PA-C Providence-employed provider


Family Medicine

Board Certification

National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)

Patient Rating

3.9 / 5

1620 Cooper Point Road SW
Olympia, WA 98502
P: (360) 486-6710
F: (360) 956-1643

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Professional Organizations

  • American Academy of Physician Assistants
  • Association of Family Practice Physician Assistants
  • Washington Academy of Physician Assistants


Medical Interests

  • Preventive care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Women's health
  • Evidence-based medicine

Personal Interests

I enjoy traveling, learning about other cultures, reading, trying out new recipes,and spend time with family and friends.


Patient Ratings and Comments

The Patient Rating score is based on responses given during the CAHPS Patient Experience Survey. Responses are measured on a 10-point scale, with 10 being the best score. These scores are then translated to a 5-point scale in order to display results in a 5-star rating. Comments are also gathered from the same survey and displayed in their entirety with the exception of any language that may be considered slander, libel or contain private health information, which will be removed prior to publishing the comments. These comments are the views and opinions of patients and are not endorsed by or necessarily reflect the views of Providence.

3.9 out of 5 (111 Ratings, 45 Comments)


I get medication monthly. due to what it is I have to call it in EVERY month THEN pick up the proscription at the clinic. resently when calling it in as usual the lady I spoke with at the clinic said I am now to just call it in using the pharmacy and the pharmacy will fax the clinic the request. So when I did that the pharmacy said no I need to go through my clinic. ???? also I went to pick up my script at the clinic and realized I left my purse at work so I had no id. was just about 5 [...] the lady proceeds to tell me it's to late now... after 5 they stop giving out scrips?? mind u I work Monday-Friday 8-5 was completely out of my meds they still said sorry not sorrry u have to come back? I just felt like I was being set up to fail didn't really seem like anyone was interested in helping me. I also wasn't notified when they changed the proses regarding times we are allowed to pick up prescription..

I really like my provider, but last I heard she is not accepting new patients so I would not recommend her.

My provider is exceptionally caring, understanding, and sympathetic. I feel super comfortable in her office and can talk openly and honestly about all topics related to my overall health. Her assistant is incredible as well! A great team!

all good

I thought the MA and provider were very good.

There still seems to be difficulty in attending to personalized patient care and taking care of computerized chart notes in the presence of the patient. Takes away from the experience in a negative way, not feeling like needs were met because provider and staff were entering data and that this took priority. Didn't get questions answered because there was no INTERaction.

started with Dr [...]. assigned to PA who appears very busy. waited 45 minutes in waiting area and 15 more in the exam room. Vivian is friendly and explained procedure very well. MA professional and courteous.

things were lost in communication. she assumed I knew healthcare lingo that I just dont so I it took awhile to "get" what was going on. My diagnosis was wrong after seeing a specialist and Im still not well.

I feel she doesn't listen to me at all - I've been seeing her for one year now - I finally got her to direct attn to my hip / knee / back pain - - - but I've been telling her since day one. I listened to her - have changed my diet to vegan - have been doing this or that exercise - have brought in EVERYTHING she asked for (photos of diet - vitamins I take - a list of blood pressure readings I've taken at home - etc) but it took her one year - with my constant prodding - to finally consider my pain - - - - THEN - she ordered X-rays - yep - I've got a problem - - - - - I have an appt with another doctor in the same building / system for Jan - - she's a DO - and I hope she will address my situation and tell me what to do about the pain and restrictions.

I felt that Vivian Au did not listen to my health concerns, suggested instead that I follow-up with another appointment. She was 20 minutes late and then told me we'd run out of time because my appt. time had ended. Very impersonal bedside manner too.

She was a great listener and gave very practical and clear medical advice. Very helpful.

She told me my foot Cray was normal when there is a bone spur noted on my "plantar" something. I need more information on that and she wrote in a place I can't respond to. [...]

Something felt very alienating about my interaction w/this dr.

My care provider Vivian AU is very attentive to my needs. Although I am a new patient since I believe December 2015 or January of 2016, I feel very fortunate to have Vivian as my provider. I feel that she really listens to me when i have questions or concerns and has a very kind bedside manner. would highly recommend her to others.

Was not able to get an approval for a prescription for medication from my provider dropped of at [...]. The prescription needed approval from insurance co. Called the office 2 times [...] and did not get a return call or approval sent to insurance. The drug store sent two faxes to the office. Had to pay for prescription out of pocket [...].

PA Au seems genuinely interested in my care and health and has always taken the time to understand my concerns or needs. She is very respectful and polite. Although she usually runs a few minutes behind on the appointment times, she is still prompt to attend to me and I honestly don't care that she's late because she is such a good provider and takes the time I need once she gets to my room.

I have always been very pleased with the care, attention and time spent by Dr. Au, her MA and the facility staff. In spite of the difficulty of juggling patients, personalities, conditions, time etc. Dr. Au and her MA never make me feel rushed. They always leave me feeling like I am their only patient.

I've never felt so comfortable around a medical provider before. She is so easy to talk to an very personable.

All were very friendly and professional

Appt was for 4PM. Provider finally came into the treatment room at 5:10 PM. Very frail, elderly ill man waiting over an hour past his appointment time? Really? Caring? Professional? Hummmmmm

Great Care!!

Our communication about my concerns regarding my prescription medication fails at all levels. What I hear, from her, is what is convenient for her, not necessary, important or convenient for me. She said she doesn't have time to manage my medications, which I am not expecting or asking her to do. Rather, I have suggested she consider the way providers, for the past 20 years have done, for me, which has worked perfectly and seemlessly. She would not even listen, discuss or consider what I had to say. I understand appointments are for 20 minutes. At my [...] visit, I spent 20 minutes with [...], before Ms. Au arrived, which made for a very hectic, hurried, unsatisfactory visit. I appreciate we are just beginning a professional - patient relationship. In order for it to succeed, she needs to not only listen, but hear me. [...]

I have very good experiences with the Westside clinic.

unable to get appointment with primary Doctor, and appointment was cancelled at the last minute without rescheduling in a timely way, so I wasn't able to get new prescriptions I needed. No female doctors available. The providor prescribed a different medication than agreed upon at the appointment without checking with me (the patient) first, and was not helpful in answering questions about why. The provider was also patronizing when answering questions when discussing lifestyle choices, and provided minimal information in response to questions when they in reference to topics she did approve of.

Very unprofessional and not very courteous to my needs . She acted as if I were a drug seeker made me very uncomfortable and I will never be in this clinic again . One of the worst doctor experiencs I have ever had .

This particular care provider was very rude and inconsiderate. Whether intentional or not, when a patient comes to a doctor for help, they shouldn't expect to be belittled, and that is unfortunately what occurred.

Vivian Au was impersonal (she chose to 'fist bump' rather than shake my hand upon meeting) and gave inaccurate information regarding exercise. I do not trust her medical opinion and found her to be inadequate as a medical professional.

my first time to the new west Olympia facility. it is great! the MA and other tech person that asked questions, did vitals, and swabbed my throat were both great! very nice, helpful, calming and professional. I was impressed.

she is exceptionally kind and attentive and I am an MD and hope to keep here as my primary care provider. I see multiple specialist and appreciate an able coordinator who can also provide acute care if needed

Don't have to wait for appointment, very prompt. Very nice and respectful to me. Lab right on premises.

It was my first visit with P/A Au and I have mixed emotions. She gave me a prescriptions for my heartburn that cost $65.00 but I was able to get Prilosec for $20.00. She gave me a phenomia booster shot but never checked my lungs.

She heard me and followed through with checking things out. She not only listened but heard me.

Dr. Au was exceptionally well-informed and helpful.

This was my first time seeing this provider. She explained why she was delayed, which I appreciated. She asked many good questions, and listened to the answers. She offered suggestions for improving my health without being pushy or putting me on the defensive. I had a good experience overall.

Au was great, thought about actually switching from the MD I see to her

After [...] left I've had a hard time adjusting to a new provider. Before meeting Ms. Au I was afraid I was going to have to go to another clinic to find a provider that I felt comfortable with. I really liked Ms. Au; she was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk with.

always get the help i need

Vivian Au has been a wonderful provider. I have been so impressed with her care, that I have followed her from another practice and drive from Lewis county. I also received excellent care at your urgent care in Feb.

Unfortunate that the provider is always in a rush. She does try to help out and listen as much as she can. The frustration has been with her recent MA and response to calls and to messages in MyChart.

This provider was great. She's not my regular provider. My provider hard to get into, usually 2-3+ weeks, but I appreciate they let me see someone else.

Good experience

This provider was kind, but she did not look at all of the symptoms I was having as a whole. She seemed to think that each symptom was unrelated to the other (temp,sore throat, blistering rash) and assumed it was a chronic problem. I cannot say for certain if she was incorrect because not much time has passed and I am unsure if they will come back. I am assuming that she was wrong because not 5 days later my husband broke out with a similar rash and same symptoms and was told he had the chicken pox. She was nice, I just wish I was heard when I was expressing my concern to the diagnosis.

I really like my provider. She is the best!

I have a very extensive medical history however, my provider spends our entire visit dealing with medications and prescriptions. Thus, there is never time to address other medical concerns.

this provider seemed uninformed about my medical history and conditions, which was dissapointing.