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Providence Regional Medical Center VolunteeringThere are many reasons volunteers decide to join the Providence team. Many of our volunteers are looking for new opportunities and experiences in the community. Others are planning for their future in the healthcare industry.

All of our volunteers have one common goal – they're here to generously give back to their community by helping others.

Volunteers are valued and appreciated for their dedication and commitment. It is this dedication that makes Providence Regional a great hospital. View volunteer opportunities.

More than 900 individuals in over 80 departments contribute nearly 100,000 hours of service each year at the Colby, Pacific, and Broadway campuses, the Healthcare Clinic, Providence Physicians Group, Providence Regional Cancer Partnership and Camp Prov.

As a volunteer you are committing to serve your community by:

  • Meeting the deadlines listed above.
  • Completing the onboarding requirements that will be discussed in your interview. This includes completing background checks and health requirements prior to orientation.
  • You will need to complete 6-8 hours of training with a volunteer trainer after completing orientation.
  • You are committing to completing at least 100 hours of volunteer service. This usually takes 6-9 months to complete.
  • You are expected to volunteer for at least 4 shifts per month in your volunteer position.
  • We expect you to communicate when you will be tardy or absent from your shift.
  • You will provide excellent customer service to people in your community.
  • You will live our vision of Know me, Care for me, Ease my way.

Why Volunteer at Providence?

Why Volunteer 4

What I love about volunteering at Providence is… “when people are delightfully surprised at how helpful I am. It doesn't even take much sometimes, just walking them to their appointment and they thank me for my kindness. It's amazing how much one smile can brighten someone's day." 
    - Bethany Janidlo

Why Volunteer 5

What I love about volunteering at Providence is… “my position with the hospital allows me to introduce myself as a volunteer and from there the patient decides what would make them comfortable. Sometimes it’s a warm blanket, shades up or down, turning on the TV, a book or magazine to read, or just quiet time for themselves. A lot of the time is sharing information about how a computer works or the type of cell phone they use. This opens up the avenue to let the patient talk.

Often times a good half hour is spent discussing their life and offers the patient time away from thinking solely of their discomfort. Family and friends visiting are not forgotten either. I offer cup of coffee or tea, get a kid’s bag for little visitors or a newspaper are some things that always bring a smile.

I don't know if satisfaction is the word I want to use for myself, but maybe it is – it’s the sense of feeling my own comfort in showing compassion towards those of us less fortunate.

I often hear the words of praise from patients on how wonderful the treatment of the staff is but the most gratifying, for me, is to hear the words as I leave the patients room... ...'Thank you for volunteering'.” 
    - Sandy Barton

Why Volunteer 6

What I love about volunteering at Providence is… “that the little things I do become little miracles to the people I serve.”
    - Taiso Boiko