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The "Cadillac" Option

Sacred Heart Ken's Story

For Ken Wirtz, hiking mountain trails is a way of life.

The 57-year-old and his wife frequently hike together and he’s always in the lead. So, when he found himself unable to keep up with her one day in October 2003, he realized something wasn’t right.

Ken went to his family doctor for a check-up and was then referred to a cardiologist. An angiogram detected a blocked artery and the need for bypass surgery, which Drs. Leland Siwek and Brandon Reynolds performed as a TECAB procedure with the da Vinci™ surgical robot.

 “It was the ‘Cadillac option’ for an active person,” says Ken, who was snowshoeing just two weeks after his surgery. “I was back to normal, fast.”

Sacred Heart Patients' Testimonials

Being “back to normal” was important. It meant that, once again, he could spend the summer in Glacier National Park as a backcountry ranger, hiking and maintaining the trails to help protect the park from the visitors and the visitors from the park.

“I’d definitely recommend minimally-invasive surgery for those who want a speedy recovery,” Ken adds.