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Frequently Asked Questions - Chehalis

How do I apply to the Rural Training Track?

All applicants must apply through ERAS and register for the match through NRMP. The Rural Training track has a unique NRMP Match Number 3198120C1. Please make sure to look for this number when applying through ERAS and ranking in NRMP.

Will my salary and benefits be the same as the core program residents?

Yes. All residents are provided the same salary and benefits within their peer groups. 

See the Salary and Benefits Page.

Where do I need to live if I join the RTP?

You will need to live within 30 minutes of Providence Centralia Hospital for your continuity deliveries.


What is unique about the rural training program?

Check out the Curriculum Highlights.


Where do I spend my first year?

For your first 2 months, your continuity clinic will be at the St Peter Family Medicine Clinic in Olympia, WA. After your first 2 months, your continuity clinic will be in Chehalis at Chehalis Family Medicine. Your entire first year hospital experience will be at the St Peter Family Medicine Residency.


How many residents are there per class?

The residency has 2 residents per class. The second year class has one resident as we received our accreditation one year early and were able to take 1 resident from the core program. We successfully completed our first match season this year with two first year residents. 

Check out our residents. 

How many faculty are there?

There are four main faculty in Chehalis, Dr. Lee (FM) and Dr. Lambrecht (FM), Ms. Dennehy (Behavior Scientist) and Dr. Elrod (Clinical Pharmacist) and two adjunct faculty, Dr. Abel and Dr. Atabeygi. You will also be working with many of the core faculty from the St Peter Family Medicine Residency during your first year and will have experiences with them during your 2nd and 3rd years. There are also adjunct faculty from other community specialty practices with whom you will be working.

Check out our faculty.

What is there to do in Chehalis?

Please visit the Chehalis Community page.