Nov. 19 2020: Statement from PRMCE regarding COVID-19 transmission events 


Don't wait to get the care you need

As we continue to treat COVID-19 patients, please know our doctors are still here, virtually and in-person, to address your medical needs. Our emergency departments and other clinics are available and delivering high-quality care when you need it.

Please don’t wait to get the medical care you need. Maintaining your health now is just as important as ever.

Visiting the hospital for emergencies or urgent procedures

Our emergency department is open and taking care of patients. If you have a health emergency, don’t delay or hesitate to come in. We continue to have visitor restrictions and screening processes in place at our hospitals to protect our patients and caregivers.

While some postponed surgeries and procedures could be rescheduled in coming weeks, those that are urgent are still being provided and should not be put off.

Safety is our top priority

Your health and safety are our top priorities. We have safety measures in place and are following local, state and federal protocols to keep our patients and caregivers safe in our hospitals and clinics. Some of the actions we have taken include:

  • Our physicians and caregivers are equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and materials required in the treatment of COVID-19, as well as other surgeries and procedures.
  • We are expanding COVID-19 testing capacity for our patients and caregivers.
  • We have thoughtfully segmented COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients to minimize the risk of exposure in our facilities

Connect with a provider using virtual telehealth appointments

For your convenience, telehealth appointments can now be scheduled by video or phone with your provider. These virtual appointments will allow you to continue receiving the best care without leaving your home.To find out if a telehealth appointment is right for you, simply call your provider’s office to discuss your needs. 

Learn more about telehealth visits.

We are here for you

Maintaining your health now is just as important as ever, and we’ll continue to be here for you and your medical needs. If you’d like to make a virtual or in-office appointment, or if you’re unsure of whether you need one, just give your doctor a call. We will help you get the care you need and tell you of any special policies or procedures you should know about if you come in for a visit.