The Power of Philanthropy put in Your Hands

Program Overview

The Generosity Works program at Providence Regional invites departments to apply for grants twice a year for innovative programs, equipment or initiatives that impact patient care. Applications can be up to $10,000 per project or initiative and are evaluated by the Generosity Works Steering Committee based on impact to patient care, sustainability, and availability of funds. Once applications are evaluated, the Committee makes a recommendation to the Providence General Foundation Board of Directors for final award approval. Grants must be used within six months, and evaluation of the program or capital expenditure is required one year after the initial approval of the grant. 


Any department or program within the Providence Northwest Washington Region—Providence Regional Medical Center Everett & Providence Medical Group—is eligible to apply for grants.  The contact or champion of a grant can be a hospital employee, contractor, physician on active medical staff or volunteer operating under the authority of a department manager/director.  

Applying for Funding 

Applications are accepted twice a year. The spring deadline is April 15. The fall deadline is October 15.

Criteria for Funding

Grant requests can be for either programs or for equipment, up to $10,000.

  • Program Grants:  Program grants support new programs or expansion of existing programs that impact patients or families at Providence (i.e. operating expenses, education, materials) 
  • Capital Grants: Capital Support is defined as any item with a useful life of more than two years and has a cost of $5,000 (includes tax, shipping, installation) or more. A capital grant would support the construction, purchase or renovation of facilities (i.e. expansion of lobby or new furniture) and/or the purchase of equipment to be used by departments (i.e.  patient lift, mobile telemetry machine, etc.). Requests that involve capital will require approval from the Vice President of those corresponding areas, and must adhere to the additional policies and procedures pertaining to those areas.  A separate capital request form will need to be completed.

Grant requests should be for projects or equipment that:

  • Support the mission and work of the Providence General Foundation, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, and Providence Medical Group. 
  • Strengthen and enhance the quality of healthcare services for the patient and families served by our ministry. 
  • Include meaningful, reasonable, and measurable outcomes. 
  • Have a long-term, demonstrated sustainable impact on the patients and families served by our ministry.

Generosity Works grants generally do not fund:

  • Hourly or salaried positions 
  • Information technology (unless prior approval is obtained) 
  • Organizations or initiatives outside of our ministry

Submitting Your Application

The grant application must include the following:

  • Project description and any supporting documentation (photos, statistics, etc.) 
  • Budget or financial information (Remember to include sales tax, shipping, and any installation or handling costs in your estimates.) 
  • Complete and thoughtful answers to questions on application 
  • Capital request form if applicable. 
  • Required signatures.


Applications must be submitted to the Providence General Foundation Office at 916 Pacific Avenue (first floor) in Everett by 4:00 p.m. on April 15 or October 15.

Awarding Grants 

The amount of dollars available for each grant cycle will be determined by the Generosity Works Committee based on the number of grant requests, quality of requests received, and the availability of monies in the Providence Fund or other applicable funds. 

Once approval is obtained, all programmatic operating expenses are to be incurred initially by the requesting department’s cost center (not to the Foundation). When the implementation is complete, funding will be transferred from the Foundation to the department’s cost center. The reimbursement request form can be found under Important Forms in the right navigation.  Funding for capital follows the capital expenditure process.

Stewardship & Accountability

Projects must be implemented within 6 months of application approval. If a grant expires prior to implementation, the application can be resubmitted during the next granting cycle. Grant recipients are required to submit a short, written report one year after the program or capital implementation to evaluate the success of the funding. The evaluation form can be found under Important Forms in the right navigation. Failure to comply with evaluation process can potentially impact access to future funding.




For more information about Generosity Works, contact the Providence General Foundation at (425) 258-7500
or email

Visit the Providence General Foundation website.