Susan Blue

Medical Provider in Monroe, Washington

Susie is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and has worked in nursing for 20 years. In fact, all three of her sisters are nurses. She provides care at a Providence Medical Group clinic in Monroe, WA.

Providence Medical Group offers you and your family everything from primary care and after-hours walk-in clinics, to an extensive range of specialty care. In addition to treating health concerns like the cold, flu, fever, or headaches, Providence Medical Group providers specialize in other areas like midwifery, cardiology, and neuroscience.

Susie’s medical interests are in Internal Medicine, specifically geriatric health, diabetes and dementia. She believes it is important to treat patients with dignity and respect. Outside of work, Susie enjoys caring for animals on her farm in Snohomish. A life-long native of Snohomish County, she also enjoys horseback riding and fishing.

Monroe’s newest provider keeps nursing in the family. Request an appointment with Susan Blue, ARNP, below.


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