PMG Patient & Family Advisory Council

The Patient and Family Advisory Council works with members of the Providence Medical Group staff to provide valuable feedback and personal insights on the patient care experience.

The Council is composed of 15-25 members, many are patients or family members of patients and are selected to reflect the population served by Providence Medical Group clinics throughout Snohomish County. This includes individuals of varied ages, gender, ethnicity and socio-economic status. All members must be 18 years of age or older.

Do you want to have a voice in improving clinic care? Consider joining the Providence Medical Group Patient and Family Advisory Council.

As a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council, you can:

  • Help evaluate new programs, forms, and patient materials as well as proposed changes to existing programs, forms, and patient material.
  • Serve on committees and work groups for the clinics to bring the patient/family perspective to clinic operations.
  • Provide feedback about the needs and experiences of patients and families served by Providence.
  • Provide patient and family insight into the planning for new facilities and facility renovations.
  • Communicate between patients, families, and hospital management.

What we don't do:

  • Mandate or authorize anything; we are an advisory group only.
  • Advocate for special interest groups.

To be on the Patient and Family Advisory Council, you must be: 

  • Confident in your views and able to see many different points of view.
  • Reflective and insightful.
  • Able to communicate and cooperate with individuals whose backgrounds, experiences and styles may be different from your own.
  • Positive about Providence Medical Group and enthusiastic about the mission: “As people of Providence we reveal God’s love for all, especially the poor and vulnerable, through our compassionate service"

Apply for the Providence Medical Group Patient and Family Advisory Council

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