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Aiden's Miracle Story

Aiden - Spokane, WA Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Miracle Kid

When Aiden was just four years old, he began to experience bruising and pain in his legs, nothing too alarming according to his parents. But when his father tickled his son’s knees during some play time, Aiden crumpled to the ground. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and since his diagnosis, Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital has been his home away from home. He has undergone a regiment of blood draws, spinal taps and chemotherapy treatments.

Aiden went through treatment for more than three years, but now is cancer free! Full of personality, he is energetic, sensitive and compassionate. He enjoys anything to do with animals, and his mom says he is a little paleontologist who is “absolutely crazy about dinosaurs.”

When he first arrived at the hospital, Aiden said he did not like this “doctor city,” and now he refers to Sacred Heart as “his hospital.” Aiden’s family says that they are proud of him, and that he is their little hero. Aiden is proud of himself for fighting off his “leukemia germs” and is excited to be a survivor!