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Maddie's Miracle Story

Maddie - a Spokane, WA Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Miracle Kid

Maddie was born with diaphragmatic hernia. Since then, she has had many challenges, including reactive or small and weak lungs, a blood clotting disorder, heart and respiratory disease, and digestive complications. Despite these many challenges she is full of life, fun, and energy - with a smile that will brighten anyone’s day.

Maddie loves going to the hospital and visiting with all of the people who work there. One of her favorite things are the name badges. In addition, her visit is not complete without walking the fish and butterfly sky bridges. A favorite memory from after her heart surgery is when Maddie and a child life specialist put a fake spider on a string with a pulley system and would lower it onto the doctors as they walked in to her room, which brought joy to them both.

Even at her young age, Maddie has gained a lot of confidence and can tell the doctors what she needs and what she wants, as her relationships with people at the hospital continue to build. A monumental event - and something Maddie is very excited for - is the day she is able to remove her trach, which will happen this spring!

Despite all of her challenges she strives to grow and keep healthy in hopes of continuing to work on her GI and trying new medications, while staying persistent and making the best of each day.