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Masin's Miracle Story

Masin“Everything is going to be all right,” are the words Masin Hawkins used to assure his family when he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy at 14 years old. Masin was playing football with friends when he began to feel dizzy. It’s the last thing he remembers before a school nurse administered CPR on him and he was whisked away in an ambulance. 

After medication failed to stabilize his heart, doctors at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, a CMNH beneficiary, determined Masin needed a heart transplant. Three long months later, Masin’s new heart was in place and, to his family’s relief, working fine. 

These days, Masin is able to enjoy his favorite activities like dirt bike riding, snowboarding and basketball. He continues to play video games, which helped him cope during his 98-day stay at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. And despite being a tough teenager, Masin has a soft spot in his heart

“To have a child like Masin, who comes in with such dire straits, with things in his life falling apart, losing the types of things he loves to do – it’s a miracle to give a child back the hopes and dreams that every child deserves,” said Masin’s Pediatric Cardiologist, Carl P. Garabedian, MD.

Masin was chosen as the 2013 Washington State Champion Child and represented our state in Washington D.C. in June that year.