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Psychiatric Consultation

About the Service

  • Available to Providence Health System physicians and staff for hospital inpatients, both adult and adolescent
  • Team consists of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners, assisted by telephone triage clinicians
  • Results and recommendations are documented in the chart and discussed with the treating physician and staff
  • Team will continue to follow the case as indicated to assist with the implementation of recommendations, medication and behavioral management, nursing care planning, case conference, discharge planning and transfer to inpatient psychiatric services

Indications for using the consultation/liaison service

  • Assessment of patient for suicide ideation or suicide attempt
  • Consultation for psychiatric management of altered mental status such as delirium, dementia and psychosis
  • Psychiatric illness concurrent with medical illness
  • Alcohol or drug-related issues
  • Assistance with behavioral management of agitated, combative, disruptive or non-complaint patients
  • Anxiety or panic symptoms
  • Competency evaluation needed
  • For more information, call (360) 493-7060 or toll free (866) 434-PSYC (7792)