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Procedures Include:


An endarterectomy is a procedure to surgically clean out the plaque blocking an artery. This procedure is very common when one or both of the carotid arteries—the arteries leading to the brain—become blocked, preventing a stroke. Endarterectomies can be performed on almost any blocked artery regardless of location.

Peripheral Vascular Angioplasty

Involves dilating obstructed arteries with a balloon catheter. This can include the carotid arteries to the brain.

Endovascular Stent

For blocked arteries, this procedure is similar to balloon angioplasty where a small metal, mesh sleeve is introduced in the dilated artery to keep it open. It is also used for aneurismal or greatly dilated arteries where a covered stent is placed in the lumen of the dilated artery to prevent the artery from rupturing.

Limb Salvaging

Blocked arteries in the legs cause pain in the feet and toes, skin ulcerations and, in some cases, muscle weakness and numbness. In extreme medical cases, surgeons must consider amputation of the affected limb. For several years, Providence surgeons have performed limb-salvaging procedures, opening up the blocked arteries, improving blood flow, reducing pain and, importantly, eliminating the need for amputation.