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Cancer Treatment Centers - Aberdeen, Centralia, Lacey, WA

Your cancer treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery or a combination of treatments. Physicians at the Providence Regional Cancer System work closely with you to develop the best treatment plan based on your individual case and needs.

During the treatment-planning process, your doctor has access to many resources, including other cancer specialists, to figure out the most effective course of action.


Chemotherapy and Infusion Services

Chemotherapy, or “chemo,” uses medicine to destroy cancer cells. There have been significant advances in this treatment over the years – including better symptom management – so today’s chemo is not like what your family or friends may have experienced in the past.

Most chemotherapy medications are given intravenously (through an IV) and may include daily, weekly or even monthly treatments. Other forms of chemotherapy could be injection into a specific part of your body, a pill or liquid that you swallow or even a cream that is rubbed on your skin.

Providence has three infusion therapy clinics in Lacey, Centralia and Aberdeen, so you don’t have to go far for the treatment you need.

Providence St. Peter Hospital offers outpatient infusion services for treatment that requires a hospital setting, and is open on weekends. Our clinics are staffed with certified oncology nurses, many with 15-20 years of infusion experience.

Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation to destroy the cancer cells’ ability to divide and multiply. It can precisely target specific tumors without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Providence Regional Cancer System offers radiation oncology through our partner RadiantCare Radiation Oncology. Providence and RadiantCare share facilities in Lacey and Centralia and are located near each other in Aberdeen.

Services include:

  • 3-D Conformal Radiation Therapy
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
  • Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  • Brachytherapy
  • Radioactive Seed Implants

Cancer Surgery

Surgery may be necessary to help diagnose the type, location and size of your cancer, or it could be part of your treatment. Your doctor will connect you with a skilled and experienced surgeon whose office is close to home whenever possible. Your doctor, surgeon and other care team members will collaborate on your treatment plan for surgery. We partner with a variety of surgeons locally and regionally, promising you an appropriate and trusted referral for surgery based on your diagnosis and treatment plan.