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Spokane Cancer Center Services

The doctors and specialists of Providence Regional Cancer Center are committed to providing the best possible cancer diagnosis and treatment

  • Bile Duct Cancer: There is new hope for patients diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer, thanks to a new Providence specialty clinic.
  • Breast Cancer: Providence Regional Cancer Center features breast care experts, supportive programs and quality, patient-focused care.
  • Colorectal Cancer: Cancers of the colon and rectum account for more than 10 percent of all cancers. Learn about the innovative ways we’re treating these cancers.
  • Head and Neck Cancer: Robotic surgery allows our doctors to treat cancers of the mouth, throat and larynx “from the inside out.”
  • Liver Cancer: A new Providence clinic specializes in treating liver tumors and cysts, as well as primary and secondary liver cancer.
  • Lung Cancer: The latest treatments and procedures and personalized care in one, central location.
  • Neuro Oncology: Innovative BrainLAB is changing the face of cancer treatment.
  • Pancreas Cancer: Discover your treatment options in Spokane for Pancreatic cancer - the fourth most common cause of cancer death in the US.
  • Prostate Cancer: Prostate cancer is most common cancer in men. It’s easily curable if detected early.
  • Cancer Research: Find out if you’re qualified to participate in one of our cancer research studies.
  • Treatment Team: Our staff of doctors, nurses and other cancer specialists work together as a team to provide comprehensive, personalized care.
  • Cancer Prevention: Learn how cancer screenings and lifestyle can help prevent cancer.
  • Support Resources: Providence Regional Cancer Center offers a number of support groups and resources for cancer patients and families.