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Oncology Services Offered by Providence Regional Cancer System

Cancer Counseling

In recognition of the emotional and life challenges caused by cancer, Providence Regional Cancer System offers the services of both a licensed social worker and a mental health professional. These professionals specialize in helping to address the needs of cancer patients and their caregivers. Learn more about cancer counseling.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are carefully performed research studies that answer questions about new therapies and treatments, with the goal of finding safe and effective approaches to care. Learn more about how Providence Regional Cancer System, and its affiliated physicians, participate in national trials to study a variety of cancers.

Genetic Testing and Counseling

Genetic testing and counseling provide information and guidance to help people understand their risk for hereditary conditions, including specific cancers. Meet our genetic counselor and learn more about genetic services.

Gynecological Oncology Services

Gynecologic oncologists specialize in the medical and surgical care of women with gynecologic malignancies (cancers), as well as complex benign gynecological conditions (non-cancerous gynecological conditions that cause health problems). Read more about the providers who offer this service.

High Risk Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Providence High Risk Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program offers ongoing screenings and preventative care which includes regular clinical breast exams, mammograms and breast MRIs. We also will discuss mastectomy options if necessary. Read more about our high risk breast and ovarian cancer program. 

Imaging Centers

Our Providence imaging centers as well as our partners at South Sound Radiology offer imaging tests to our patients and the community at large. Read more about the full range of oncology exams we offer.

Infusion and Chemotherapy

At each of our infusion therapy clinics in Aberdeen, Centralia and Lacey, patients receive care from experienced nurses who are specially trained and certified in administering chemotherapy. Read more about our infusion and chemotherapy services.

Integrative Cancer Care

Providence Integrative Cancer Care provides body-mind-spirit resources for cancer patients to encourage the best possible outcomes for the whole person. Learn more about acupuncture, oncology massage, and naturopathic oncology.

Lab Locations and Hours

Providence Regional Cancer Centers offer laboratory services on-site in each of our three locations — in Lacey, Centralia and Aberdeen. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Read more about our oncology lab services.

Oncology Rehabilitation and Lymphedema Program

Oncology rehabilitation can help restore lost abilities or learn how to compensate for problems related to your cancer. Lymphedema can occur if you have lymphoid tissue removed during your treatment or evaluation. Sometimes, a buildup of fluid in the soft tissue of the arms and legs may occur. Read more about oncology rehabilitation and lymphedema services.

Outpatient Cancer Counseling

Services are provided by a trained licensed counselor with a master’s degree in social work and specific training and national certification in oncology social work. Learn more about free access to cancer-related counseling on a limited basis. 

Patient Navigator Program

The navigation concept is designed to enhance timely treatment and reduce barriers to care. Meet our patient navigators and learn more about navigation services.

Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy used high-energy radiation to destroy the cancer cells' ability to divide and multiply. It can precisely target specific tumors without damaging the surrounding tissue. Read more about our radiation oncology services. 

Robotic Assisted Surgery

Providence doctors are trained to perform da Vinci® robotic-assisted surgery for a range of procedures related to gynecology, gynecological oncology, and urology. Da Vinci® allows surgeons to operate with unmatched control and precision, using incisions roughly the width of a dime. In turn, smaller incisions help decrease scarring, post-surgical pain, complications and recovery time. Read more about our robotic assisted surgery services.

Screening and Diagnosis

To diagnose your cancer as accurately as possible, physicians in Aberdeen, Centralia and Olympia provide services through the Providence Regional Cancer System. Read more about cancer screening and diagnosis.

Survivorship Support

At Providence, we believe survivorship starts the day you are diagnosed. We want to help you adjust to various changes in your life during and following cancer treatment. Learn more about the variety of events and programs to help you access information and resources, and connect with others going through similar circumstances.

Tumor Review Boards

At our weekly tumor review boards, your oncology team members come together to review details of your cancer treatment and work to ensure that the treatment you receive is the absolute best evidence-based medicine for you.  Read more about our multidisciplinary approach to ensure the best treatment for you.