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Employment physicals and regulatory exams are completed by Occupational Health providers in conjunction with company requests and policies.

Injury/exposure/illness prevention education and training is provided by staff from Providence St. Mary Medical Center to prevent a variety of work and lifestyle injuries and illnesses.

Worker injury treatment is available on a walk-in basis from our physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who can provide extensive diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Substance abuse testing and regulatory compliance services are provided by certified personnel who are able to provide efficient and accurate testing, as well as the regulatory compliance training and documentation required.

Hearing conservation services to protect employees’ hearing and aid employers in complying with federal regulations. Services include noise monitoring, hearing tests, personal hearing protection, training and record keeping.

Blood-borne pathogen & exposure diagnosis and treatment services are available on a walk-in basis.

Preventative education also is available.

Respiratory/pulmonary services include a questionnaire, pulmonary function testing and a medical exam to determine if an employee is able to use a respirator on the job. The results are reported to the employer and employee to assure compliance with OSHA requirements. Respirator fit testing and training are also available.

Vaccinations that are a requirement of employment or for diseases that put the employee at risk are available on a walk-in basis or on site.

Transportation & Small Business Consortium is available to small businesses that may not otherwise be able to meet the Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol testing requirements because of economics, expertise and time.

Industrial claims management is provided by an experienced registered nurse who coordinates and expedites the care of the injured employee. This includes communication with the injured employee, the employer, the insurer, and other medical and vocational providers. The goal is to return the employee to work force as quickly as is medically reasonable. This can lessen the impact of the medical and legal expenses for the employer involved in workers compensation.