Leave a Gift in your Will to Providence Hospice of Seattle

Your legacy will help future generations receive exceptional care

Insurance pays for ordinary hospice care, yes. But extraordinary hospice care -- the kind you can count on here at Providence Hospice of Seattle -- is only possible because of donors like you.

Leave a gift in your Will to Providence Hospice of Seattle, and you will help make sure this care continues in the future. -- for your loved ones and for future generations.

Why write a Will?

Writing a Will is the only way you can be certain that your wishes will be followed after you die. If you don’t make one, part or all of your estate may go to people you never intended to benefit.

By writing a Will, you will be able to protect the future of your loved ones – keeping you in control of where your money goes after you’re gone.

Family and friends first – then think of Providence Hospice of Seattle

We know that family and friends come first. So once you have taken care of your loved ones, please consider leaving a gift that will make a real and lasting difference. 

Don’t only the rich leave money to charities in their Wills?

It is a myth that only the rich leave legacies to charity. In fact, most of our legacy gifts are from ordinary people like you and me.

Each and every gift, regardless of size, counts and will help make a difference for folks in our community facing the end of their lives.

How should I list hospice in my Will?

You should, of course, consult with your attorney, but may find the following useful:

“I bequeath (dollar or % amount here) to Providence Hospice of Seattle Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation in Seattle, Washington, or its legal successor thereto.”

There are other ways to make a legacy gift too – some that will even create income for you today.

Gifts of life insurance, real estate and other property are another way to ensure exceptional hospice care is there for future generations.

There are also ways to make a gift today and receive income for life, such as a gift annuity or charitable remainder trust.

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Email or call Gary Crum, Foundation Director, with any questions you may have. You can reach him at 206-749-7801 or at gary.crum@providence.org

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