Intergenerational Giving Circle

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At Providence Mount St. Vincent, we create magic by connecting the beginning and the end of life through shared experiences between the very young and the residents at The Mount. You can be a part of making this circle of life possible for children and elders each year by joining The Intergenerational Giving Circle.

Investing in Magic

Each year, our extended family grows as new students and residents arrive at The Mount. And each year, the Mount funds $100,000 to support the “magic” of intergenerational moments. This funding is an investment in building relationships between students and residents.

Intergenerational programming creates built-in “grandparents” and “grandchildren” for friendships and learning. The Mount is known as a national and international role model in changing the landscape of intergenerational relationships. People travel from all over the world to study our model. We have been pioneering blending young and old since the establishment of the Intergenerational Learning Center (ILC) in 1991. Today, the program connects 400 elders who make The Mount their home with 125 students who attend the ILC.

Your Opportunity

Join a group of like-minded supporters who care about sustaining and furthering our innovative model of intergenerational engagement. Your investment of $1,000 or more makes the vision of intergenerational programs and environments a reality here at the Mount and helps to grow a model for the world.

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