Look Who's Winning

You’re all winners in our book, but special congratulations to these lucky campaign donors who have won a PTO day or a preferred parking space for a month:


  • Baffuto, Aaron
  • Brown, Rebecca
  • Card, Rhonda L.
  • Chapel, Jesse L.
  • Cooper, Ann T.
  • Corisis, Angela M.
  • Danforth, Kathy
  • Dragon, Bradley P.
  • Endress, Samuel J.
  • Girven, Teresa
  • Hehman, Jenelle R.
  • Hines, Mary
  • Holter, Heidi L.
  • Hrycenko, Chris
  • Morris, Rachel
  • O'Phelan, Margaret
  • Penders, Rebecca A.
  • Petersen, Sheree A.
  • Rearrick, Stephanie M.
  • Seo, Seunghee
  • Shaw, Dianne M
  • Staley, Lori
  • Tatosky, Richelle B.
  • Walker, Yvonne L.

Preferred Parking Spot

  • Andreoli, Marlo A.
  • Bassuer, Dobierre G.
  • Beckman, Carla A.
  • Corcoran, Susan E.
  • Culkin, Jennifer L.
  • Eneroth, Kelly
  • Henson, Sharon K.
  • Herboldt, Diane W.
  • Louden, Austen D.
  • Martin, Lynne S
  • Maxwell, Amy C.
  • Neubauer, Alexandria, M
  • Obrien, Charles F.
  • Petersen, Vickie S.
  • Pinckney, Lindsey D.
  • Swanson, David
  • Swanson, Deborah
  • Walker, Ann N.
  • Wendt, Victoria W.
  • Wicks, Carolyn B.

Don’t forget to wear your badge charm with pride! It makes you eligible for various “pop up” events throughout the year. These may include “jeans days,” a free treat and other fun rewards.