Frequently Asked Questions

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I already give my time, why should I donate?

Regardless of your role, you know how important your work is. You also know from first-hand experience how much more is needed. Private philanthropy is critical to provide for additional services to those in our care that insurance simply does not cover. We ask you to join us in our healing mission to make things better for our patients and their families.

“I’ve needed help myself before. It’s reassuring to know my co-workers at Providence care, and I like to pay that forward.”

~Jackie Cissney, C.N.A.
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What is the "I Give One Hour" Club?

This is a special recognition club for employees who give at least one hour of their pay or more, per pay period (or a one-time donation of same amount). These employees are given a special badge reel, a logo'd water bottle and are recognized on the newly designed employee giving wall board and online (unless you want to remain anonymous).

How do I check what my hourly rate of pay is to see if I can give enough for the "I Give One Hour" club?

To check your hourly rate of pay, simply logon to provconnect (using your network credentials), select "employment", then select "job profile."

Where does my donation go?

You decide where to direct your gift. Both foundations have many funds that directly benefit patients, caregivers, and hospital programs and services. And, 100% of your gift goes to the fund that you designate.

I can't give very much - will it really help?

Every gift counts, regardless of the amount. All gifts add up to make a big impact. We ask for a minimum of $5.00 per fund, per pay period. It really does make a difference!

How do I make a donation?

Payroll deduction is the easiest way to contribute, but you may also make one-time or monthly gifts with a check or credit card.

When does payroll deduction begin and end?

Payroll deduction begins within two pay periods after the foundation receives your form. It will continue until you notify the foundation of your desire to change your payroll deduction giving.