Family Birth Center

Family Birth Center

Our top fundraising priority

Approximately 700 babies are welcomed into the world at Providence St. Mary Medical Center each year. As the only Birth Center in our Valley, our friends, family and neighbors rely on us for high-quality care during this special time. Families like the Salgado’s who were excitedly expecting their second child last January.

Unexpectedly, Iker was born 10 weeks early and weighed just over 3 pounds. While he waited hours in the middle of a blizzard to be transported to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, he was stabilized in our Special Care Nursery. It is because our facility was equipped with highly-skilled staff and physicians, as well as specialized equipment, that we were able to care for baby Iker. Seven months have passed and he is now a healthy and happy boy!

Providence St. Mary Medical Center’s commitment to providing comfortable, safe, high-quality care for moms and newborns has never wavered. In August 2017, construction began to increase the number of delivery rooms, add a surgical suite in the unit and enlarge the Special Care Nursery for babies requiring a higher level of care. Future plans include renovating all eleven postpartum rooms (where mom and baby recover) to be more spacious, comfortable and updated.

An invitation

To ensure this project moves forward, Providence St. Mary Foundation has made a minimum commitment of $400,000. Philanthropic investments over and above that commitment will help renovate all eleven postpartum rooms where mom and baby recover. To fulfill our commitment, we are inviting the community to participate in a special fundraising effort, specifically for the Family Birth Center. Philanthropic support from cash, pledges and planned gifts from the community will play a vital role in the successful completion of the first phase of expansion by June of 2018.

Why now?

In early 2016, Providence St. Mary became home to the Valley’s only Birth Center. Today, close to 700 babies are born annually at the Medical Center, up from 550 deliveries in years prior. Providence St. Mary is also home to the region’s only Special Care Nursery which provides intermediate care to vulnerable and premature babies born at 34 weeks gestation through full term.

  • Increased Capacity. With the significant increase in the number of deliveries, and corresponding number of babies requiring special care, more space is needed. The expansion will add two labor and delivery rooms, increase the size of the Special Care Nursery and add a surgical suite and recovery area in the unit. Not only does this provide seamless care in an emergency for Cesarean Sections, it also frees up a regular operating room for other scheduled and emergent surgeries.
  • Reduced Travel. Babies who are born at less than 34 weeks require transport to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to be stabilized and get the specialized care they require. Often, those babies spend several days in the NICU as ‘feeder growers’ – eating and gaining weight before they can come home. Increased capacity in our Special Care Nursery will allow us to bring those babies home sooner, reducing travel for their families and bringing those babies closer to their support system.
  • Enhanced Security. Part of the renovation includes making the Family Birth Center a locked unit where staff and visitors will need special access to enter. This higher level of security is a best practice for hospitals and allows staff to screen visitors to ensure security and protection for newborns.

Celebrating our One Year Anniversary


On June 14, we celebrated one year since the newly-expanded and upgraded Family Birth Center was opened at the hospital. Thanks to our community for making this project a success for our moms and babies!

Quick Facts

Total cost:
$3.2 million

Completion date:
June 2018

What's new:
Two Labor and Delivery rooms will be added, bringing the total to six.

The Special Care Nursery will be relocated adjacent the surgical suite and recovery room for easier access in an emergency. The nursery will have space to care for up to six babies at one time for antibiotic therapy, observation and other special care.

A new surgical suite and recovery area will allow cesarean sections to be performed in the Birth Center, avoiding a trip in the elevator for mom and increasing capacity in the current operating room space.

Phase II (ongoing):
Future plans include renovation of all 11 postpartum rooms (where mom and baby recover) to be more spacious, comfortable and updated. Philanthropic investments beyond our $400,000 goal will make renovation of these rooms possible, one postpartum room at a time.