Intensive Care Unit

Excellence in Critical Care

Providence St. Mary Medical Center Intensive Care Unit is a significant advancement in care for people who are seriously ill, injured or have had major surgery. The new ICU incorporates the latest in technology and architectural design, and is a strong departure from the look and function of older ICU's that are common in this area.

Other features of the new Walla Walla ICU include:

  • Large, private rooms of 287-square-feet each
  • The ability to perform dialysis in every room
  • Lifts in every room to accommodate patients up to 550 pounds and two lifts to accommodate patients up to 1,000 pounds
  • More space for families to rest, be with their loved ones, and speak privately with physicians and other staff
  • Private bathrooms with wheelchair accessible showers in every room
  • Secured access for improved safety for patients, visitors and staff

Providence St. Mary Foundation is committed to sustaining this standard of excellence in critical care in our community. In 2013, the Foundation invested $330,000 to purchase the latest nurse call system for the ICU—a vital system that alerts nursing staff to issues; many which are extremely time sensitive and life-threatening. The Foundation also recently invested $20,000 to purchase a GlideScope intubation device specific to the ICU, allowing for faster and safer intubation for our most critically-ill patients.

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