Inpatient Rehabilitation

Life quickly changed for Larry Hensley and his family last December, after the Walla Walla corrections officer suffered a stroke while at work.

No one ever expects to suffer a stroke, get in a car accident, or have some other trauma effect their lives.

In December, Larry Hensley, a corrections officer, parked his truck in the lot at work and prepared for a full day on the job. He texted his wife, April, and then the screen on his cell phone went blurry. Larry's entire right side became numb and he immediately knew something was wrong. He waved down a co-worker, who drove him to the emergency room. At the age of 47, Larry had suffered several massive strokes.

Life quickly changed for the Hensley family. While Larry recovered in intensive care, April, an operations manager at a local bank, kept the family going; caring for their kids and spending her evenings with Larry at the hospital.

Larry began long-term rehabilitation; re-learning how to walk, talk and regain his strength. Every day, he completed hours of physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy.

According to Larry, faith and family got him through. Having local care available at Providence St. Mary Medical Center meant his family, friends and co-workers could drop by to laugh, talk and boost his spirits. On Christmas day, the family had their meal together at the hospital and the nurses put up window decorations in Larry’s room.

Six months have passed since Larry Hensley's stroke, and he is continuing to recover at Providence St. Mary Medical Center's Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit in Walla Walla, Southeast Washington.Six months have passed since Larry’s stroke and he is continuing to improve in his recovery. Due to the intensity and length of his treatment, he is thankful the inpatient rehabilitation program at Providence St. Mary, which turns forty years old this year, was available for him.

Today, the program provides high-quality individualized care for people who’ve experienced loss of function from an illness, injury, surgery or disease.

Last year, Providence St. Mary Foundation invested in a new Family Room for the inpatient rehabilitation program. The Family Room was fully funded by donations. The room is multi-purpose and offers a social dining area where patients can connect with each other. The space also offers amenities such as a regular bed, reclining chair and a bathroom with a tub. People who’ve experienced loss of function from an illness, injury or surgery can practice in a home-like environment before transition from the hospital.

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