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Dental Residency Program

There are serious barriers to dental care access for adults who have low incomes and medically complexDental Residency needs, leaving our most poor and vulnerable community members at significant risk.  These people have very limited options and cannot seek dental care until a medical crises occurs—and they often end up in the Providence St. Peter Hospital Emergency Center.  A number of patients arrive at the Emergency Center with acute pain and infections requiring extensive hospital stays that could have been avoided with preventative dental care in an outpatient setting. Read more


SoundCareKids - Helping kids through the loss of a loved one

ACP Nov 15 041 SoundCareKids was the focus of  the 2016 Christmas Forest Fund-a-Need. Supported entirely by private donations, SoundCareKids is a support program for families with children who have experienced the death of a significant person in their lives. Read more

New board members for Providence St. Peter Foundation

New Board

The Foundation elected three new members to its board of directors. Joining the board are Amy Evans, a commercial real estate broker for Kidder Mathews; Craig N. Landes, a Certified Public Accountant; and Rob Rice, a General Contractor and residential home builder. Each new board member will serve a three-year term.


Planning for the Unexpected: Advance Care Planning

ACP Nov 15 041At the end of life, or during critical illnesses, patients are often unable to make important medical care decisions. This places a heavy responsibility and burden on families, as well as health care providers. However, this can be alleviated through advance care planning, the process in which deliberate decisions are made by individuals abouttheir health care preferences and who they want to make decisions for them if they become unable to speak for themselves. Read more


Music soothes the soul

Music Thanatology 005_crp_sm

Music thanatology is a clinical modality that unites music and medicine in end-of-life care. In 2001, Providence became the first health system in the world to hire full-time music thanatologists. In the years since, the program has brought comfort and peace to hundreds of people as they faced the end of life. “The ministry of thanatology is about accompanying patients in their dying process through the comfort and blessing of music,” says Teresa Lynch, director of Spiritual Care for Providence in Thurston and Lewis Counties. “The presence of a thanatologist enhances and contributes positively to the healing environment.” Read more


A new approach to behavioral health care

cccMany aspects of life can easily be taken for granted: food, shelter, transportation, education, job opportunities, and consistent, high-quality mental and physical health care. These are the building blocks for healthy living, the cornerstone of stability, security, and human dignity. Read more


Oncology Healing Garden

The Oncology Healing Garden at St. Peter Hospital is a serene garden – a respite and healing space for patients and their families, helping to relieve the stress of being in the hospital during illness and treatments. Read more


Outpatient Palliative Care Clinic becomes a reality

Palliative care team 150Becky Brewer, a donor and Providence St. Peter Hospital Community Board Member, lost her husband Ron Sundberg to cancer in February 2013. “The palliative care Ron received as an inpatient allowed him to talk about his life goals, what he wanted for the final time in his life, and what he needed to be comfortable,” Becky says. Read more