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A new approach to behavioral health care

cccMany aspects of life can easily be taken for granted: food, shelter, transportation, education, job opportunities, and consistent, high-quality mental and physical health care. These are the building blocks for healthy living, the cornerstone of stability, security, and human dignity.

However, homelessness, which many agree is at the center of disintegration, and the cost paid by individuals, families, and the community as a whole is undeniable. And yet while a viable and effective solution to rampant homelessness is elusive, making a significant impact in helping street-dependent individuals—by more simply providing social services available to these individuals—is fully within our reach.

Providence St. Peter Hospital, in collaboration with other local nonprofit organizations, is addressing this need, and together bring together an integrated resource for the first time:The Providence Community Care Center. This Community Care Center will provide a single point of access for a range of services to street-dependent individuals. Partnering groups will co-locate their services at the new center, offering long-term primary and behavioral health care, shelter options, resources to help clients find food, clothing, jobs, and long-term housing.  In addition, the center will offer functional services, including bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities.

This collaborative approach will maximize outcomes for all partner organizations, not only effectively serving our street-dependent community in substantial ways but also breaking the pervasive cycle of frequent emergency care, law enforcement, and incarceration and replacing it with healthy living and contributing to the local community.

Providence Community Care Center is anticipated to open its doors late summer 2017.  For more information: www.providence.org/olympiacommunitycarecenter

“Our community is coming together in this unique partnership to bring services to our most vulnerable population” said Medrice Coluccio, chief administrative officer of Providence Southwest Washington Region. “Funding for the Providence Community Care Center is an example of the collaboration between partners to build a healthier community.”