Oncology Healing Garden

The Oncology Healing Garden at St. Peter Hospital is a serene garden – a respite and healing space for patients and their families, helping to relieve the stress of being in the hospital during illness and treatments. Initiated in 2015, this garden space was the inspiration of one donor who yearned for an outside space while she was undergoing treatment on the third floor.  Thanks to many supporters, including caregivers, this garden space became a reality, and was officially opened in September 2015.

This garden is truly a resource for our patients and their families—a place to visit, rest and heal in a natural environment located right outside of many of our oncology patients’ hospital rooms on the third floor.  The Oncology Healing Garden nourishes and inspires, and the benefits of nature offer a restorative and therapeutic power, helping to focus on life rather than illness.

The garden is now open 24 hours/7 days a week, due to generous donations that enabled Providence to install lighting for patient safety during the evening hours. We are indebted to those who have made this garden possible—our heartfelt thanks!