I Give One Hour Club

Badge ReelJoin with other Providence caregivers who demonstrate their pride and generosity through the "I Give One Hour" club. All you have to do, is donate the equivalent of one hour of pay or more per pay period for at least one year (or a one-time donation of same amount). You can do this by donating to either or both St. Peter Foundation (Olympia-based) or Providence Health Care Foundation (Centralia-based) - or a combination of both foundations!  Benefits of the "I Give One Hour" club include:

  • Name recognition on the new employee donor club wall plaque (unless you wish to remain anonymous)
  • Name recognition on the employee giving website (unless you wish to remain anonymous)
  • A special badge reel showing you are a member of the "I Give One Hour" club
  • A logo'd water bottle

Join the club today by clicking here!

Note:  If you have further questions, please email the foundations' Annual Giving office or call 360-493-7839.

Thank you to our "I Give One Hour" club members!

The caregivers below are members of the I Give One Hour club, and donate at least one hour of their pay, per pay period for at least one year, to help those who entrust their care to Providence in the Southwest Washington Region. This unprecedented level of giving demonstrates their high level of commitment to our ministries and community. A sincere thank you to all of these club members for their generosity, leadership and dedication to the Providence Mission.

Names below are current as of July 28, 2017 and will be updated on a monthly basis. If you believe your name should be on this list and do not see it, please call the Office of Annual Giving at 360-493-7839. Caregivers who give anonymously will not be listed as per their request.

Acosta, Georgia
Anderson, Sandi
Beall, Sue
Brennan, Peter
Burton, Indietta
Claxton, Sandy
Coluccio, Medrice
Curry, Carrie
Findlay, Elizabeth
Flatz, Jena
Gardner, Mandie
Hansen, Christine
Holt, Lora Janice
Inglin, Denise
Johnson, Daniel S.
Konieczny, Kasia
Lambert, Jamie
Lloyd, Joelle
Lotton, Deanna
McMillan, Jordan
O'Brian, Laine
Ray, Christi
Roorda, Brandi
Spencer, Kathleen
Treptow, Angie
Wilkinson, Paul
Zorn, Patricia
Adams, Sandy
Ash, Tracey
Bertolini, Marika
Brown, Jackie
Caserta, Kevin
Clayton, Kenneth
Cooper, Jill
Davis, Linda
Finkas, Greg
Fritz-Vandewege, Dana
Gilbert, David
Hayes, Elizabeth C.
Houk, Jennifer
James, Michelle
Jordan, Joey
Koury, Paula
Lanning, John
Long, Pamela
Mallory, Rita
Minter, Lisa
Ortiz, Teresa
Rensel, Sarah
Santman, Sara
Stepner, Rachel
Walsh, Dorothy
Wolle, Angela G.
Albert-Goldfinch, Carol
Ashcraft, Joan
Bonay, Marsha
Bunnell, Tracy
Christen, Hollie
Clemons, Cecily
Crisp, Toni
Evans-Brown, Peg
Fitzgerald, Diane
Gacke, Annie
Hamilton, Diane
Heerlyn, Julie
Huntley, Vicki
Jensen, Rhonda
Kirk, Johnathon
Krake, Michael
Lizberg, Lenna
Lorich, D.O., Michael
Monaghan, Ann
Monaghan, Ann
Rogers, Angela
Rogers, Angela
Snell, Tamara
Talbot, Aimee
Warnick, Patricia
Zeller, Edna