2019 Doctors' Day Tribute


We are thankful to all of you for making National Doctors' Day so special. Not only are you honoring caregivers who give so much of themselves to patients, their families and our communities, but with your donations, you are also supporting life-saving treatments and compassionate care.

The responses received was incredible, and we are in the process of sending your kind thoughts to the honored caregivers. Regardless of whether a caregiver is listed below, we are grateful to all caregivers as they provide compassionate and excellent health care to patients and their families every single day.

The caregivers recognized are listed below alphabetically by last name. While many caregivers were honored multiple times, we are only listing the caregiver's name once. Some patients of caregivers allowed us to share their notes online and those notes are next to the caregiver's name. If you wrote a note that you would like shared online as well, please call the foundation at 360-493-7981 and let us know of your permission to share your note (we only shared notes if the box was checked on the doctors' day note card that people sent in). Some notes were abbreviated, but the full note will be shared with the caregiver.  Thank you for being a part of our Providence family and celebrating National Doctors' Day with us.

Name of Caregiver

Special Note (if allowed to share)

Sharon C. Abegg, MD

Dr. Abegg's unwavering dedication to alleviating the suffering of those who have mental health maladies is a prime example of servant leadership. In a world where "mental illness" is stigmatized and mental health patients are marginalized, Dr. Abegg's steadfast and focused clear guidance have profoundly impacted me in many ways. She said, "I believe you." That meant everything to me. Thank you!

Jeanne M. Adams, MD

You have always been a compassionate person listening and making the best suggestions. Thank you so much for taking good care of me, my husband and my son. Please don't retire soon!

Chiante R. Amato, DO

Thank you for taking care of Robert and I. You are very patient with us and listen to our silliness. Also, thank you for having such good helpers to keep us on track with following your instructions. We actually look forward to our visits with you and the staff at Providence.

Natasha P. Arora, MD

Thank you Dr. Arora and your crew that gave me back a large percentage of my heart function! My trust in all the people at Cardiac Associates for the last 27 years - never fades. From our hearts.

Jong-Wook Ban, MD

Thank you.

Darrel J. Bell, MD

Thank you, you are the best.

William P. Brennan, MD

Thank you Dr. Brennan and your crew that gave me back a large percentage of my heart function! My trust in all the people at Cardiac Associates for the last 27 years - never fades. From our hearts.

Daniel M. Byrd, MD

Dr. Byrd and staff, thank you for caring for my wife, Janet Lucas. She was extremely fond of you and your staff over the 4 year battle with cancer . Great Staff.

Christopher P. Burtner, MD

Dr. Burtner, the care you gave to my Dad meant do much not only to him but to me also. Thought I miss him dearly I feel he is finally resting comfortably. What you do to help those suffering from so many things is appreciated. Thank you again for taking such good care of my dad, Boots.

Virginia R. Cannon, MD

Thanks for all the faithful and often patient care you provided for these many years. Hope you are enjoying what little extra time you have. I like Dr. Lee but miss you greatly.

Diana M. Currie, MD

Thank you.

Robyn Davies, MD

She is simply the best!

Eric M. DeMun, MD

I've been a patient of Dr. DeMun for many years and for me, the most impacting quality he has is that he listens. He never makes you feel rushed. He's kind and patient. Being heard instills confidence in the outcome of the appointment and lowers patient stress. Thank you.

Hugo de Oliveira, ARNP

Thank you.

Cheri M. Dorhauer, MD

Dr. Dorhauer is a wonderful doctor. She listens, is compassionate and very caring and is very complete in her exams. I think of her as a close friend whom is always there for me. When I see her out in public she is still the compassionate, caring person that she is in the clinic. Thank you for being such a a lovely person and doctor. Thank you for your care.

Thank you for many years of caring and service. A donation to the Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy Program was made in your honor.

Meghan R. Duffie, MD

Glad I got you and your staff are awesome too.

Michael D. Dujela, DPM

Thank you so much for delivering such excellent care during my surgery last fall! I am truly grateful and appreciative of all you and your staff do!

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my bunion operation. My feet feel so much better!

Kimberly A. Elliott, DO, PhD

Dr. Kimberly Elliott, Panorama Clinic, So glad you are my Dr. Thanks.

Thank you for your continuing care, empathy and advice. Appreciation to your nurses and staff also.

Gerald J. Fay, MD

Thank you!

Rebecca A. Freeman, MD

Excellent job by you and your team.

Melissa L. Gamble, PAC Thank you for your kind professional caring for me and my daughter. I feel safe in your hands.

Jane M. Geraci, MD, MPH

Thank you!

Gopal Ghimire, MD, PhD

Would like to thank Dr. Ghimire for receiving Chuck.
Debra J. Gross, ARNP Thank you for being there for us!

Ian S. Hallows, DO

Dr. Hallows, I truly appreciate the time you took with me during my annual exam. God bless.

Ryan J. Halpin, MD

Dr. Haplin got me back on my feet!

Douglas L. Hayden, MD

2 nose bleeds, felt ugly, rotten, and gall bladder. Thank you.

Sundy R. Holland, MD

Thank you!

Nicole K. Jackson, DO

Operated and got me through lung cancer. Cancer free now. Thank you.

Edward L. Jansen, MD

Happy to have you as our doctor.

My husband and I want to let Dr. Jansen know how much we appreciate his care. He is always willing to listen and is concerned about our health. Thank You

He always has a lot of patience with me on any questions I have. He is never in a hurry.

Dr. Jansen, we thank you for the great medical care you have given us over the years! You are the best doctor we have ever had! We trust your advice completely. We feel that you have genuine concern for our welfare. We will continue to hold you in our prayers. We think of you as a good friend.

Thank you for your patience and care.

Abraham W. Jeon, DO

Thank you!

Ryan C. Johnson, DO

I have been a patient of Dr. Johnson's since his first day at Providence. He has been a very caring and an excellent doctor. I was so impressed with his mannerism, I recommend him to my family. My sister and her family now see Dr. Johnson and we all think he is a great doctor.

Richard P. Kennedy, MD, FACC

Thank you!

Paul M. Knouff, MD

Dr. Knouff was so wonderful in caring for Don. Myself and family still talk about the excellent care you provided for him. Thank you.

Dr. Paul Knouff always pays attention to the needs of his clients and he advises and provides the best solution for his customers.

Preeti Kondal, D.O

I deeply appreciate your service as my doctor. I was very ill with an infection causing pain and sever sickness. I am nearly recovered now - but still hope to regain more strength. Thank you very much.

James J. Lechner, MD

Dr. Lechner guided me through ten months of cancer treatment. Thank you.

I've worked with Dr. Lechner for over 10 years with my cancer. He has been professional, but with a very caring and helpful way. He's wonderful support and a number of people in our church praise Dr. Lechner' s help as well.

Will W. Leighty, MD

Dr. Will Leighty is very detailed oriented, covering all the bases at every appointment. He is compassionate as well as highly skilled, despite his youthful appearance!

Bojia Li, MD

Thank you Dr. Li, I appreciate everything you and Oncology in Aberdeen has done for me.

Karl M. Lima, MD

Always ask about how I am doing to my daughter. Thank you.

Beverly J. Lirio, MD

Thank you for all you have done in helping me with any problems I may have. I highly recommend you to anyone else. Thank you.

Sarah A. Lux, MD

I feel fortunate to have a Dr. like Sarah Lux.

Michael A. Lynam, MD

Thank you to Dr. Michael Lynam and your team for their medical care of me. I appreciate the needed referrals and medical support.

Alison F. MacMillan, MD

Thank you for all you and your staff do! My husband and I are blessed to have found such a great and caring office in our new home.

Sara C. Martinez, MD, PhD

Thank you Dr. Martinez for placing that life-saving stent in my heart. Thanks too for being on the team that put an aortic valve in my heart. You are special and I really appreciate all you did.

Carrie A. Matyac, ARNP, FNPC

Carrie Ann, I do appreciate the care and concern you show, anytime I have a "bump in the road."

Robert D. McElhaney, MD

Dr. McElhaney, we wish to thank you for your diligence in taking care of our medical needs. You have shown us your compassion as well as a desire to make a correct diagnosis with each appointment we have with you. May God bless you.

Thank you for all your help with my health over the years. You are appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Ana M. Mihalcea, MD

Dr. Ana Mihalcea always takes her time so we don't feel rushed, is cheerful and shows joy through her big smile. She reflects God's presence and love by her works, we know him!

Brady G. Miller, MD

When I have lost all hope, you don't give up. We try something else. I am so grateful for you. You give me strength to go on.

Very nice person. Made me not so worried about my condition. Made me comfortable and was very nice to me and my family. I loved my doctor in Louisiana but I don't think anyone else would make me more comfortable.

Harley D. Miller, MD

Thank you for being such a nice and good doctor.

Jordan J. Mulder, MD

Helped me through throat and lip cancer, then kept checking and found signs of cancer in upper lob of lungs and now I am cancer free. I am very thankful.

Kimberly A. Newell, ARNP

Thank you to Kimberly Newell, ARNP and your team for their medical care of me. I appreciate the needed referrals and medical support.

Vo D. Nguyen, MD

Dr. Nguyen and staff, thank you for your care and kindness. Super staff.

Haines K. Paik, MD Thank You!

Physicians and Staff at Panorama Clinic

Thank you!

Andrew P. Patel, MD

Dr. Patel, your care and kindness is very much appreciated. Thank you for your quick responses, willingness to refer me to specialists and for your friendly messages. Your help is wonderful and I'm very grateful!

PCH ER Physicians

They are all good and help me get back into life.

I truly believe your actions saved my life.

Physicians in the USA

Thank You!

Gheorghe E. Plesiu, MD

Dr. Plesiu, Thank you for being a wonderful, caring doctor. It's a tough job now-a-days.

Susan L. Powell, MD

I appreciate you.

Providence Physicians and Staff

We have personally experienced the medical expertise, caring manner, and teamwork of so many members of the Medical Staff, that it wouldn't be appropriate to call out one or two. We are grateful for all of you.

PSPH Nurses

Thank you to all of the nurses who went out of their way to care for me last year when my appendix herniated. They are the best in the world I m sure!

Melissa B. Purtteman, MD

She listens and her word is good.

Paul A. Robertson, MD

You did more than save my life. Your kindness was amazing. Thank you.

Words cannot say how much you have done for me. It is because of you that I am still here today. You always listened to me and together we would come up with a plan. I am blessed that you are my doctor and friend

Kevin D. Robinson, MD

Dr. Kevin Robinson is a very capable surgeon. He performed major surgery in my case. I really like his professional manor, as well as personal after care. Thank you!

Caitlin F. Rodman, ARNP

Catlin is a very caring doctor and very thorough. She asked questions and listens to me and answers my questions. She cares about my well being and staying health. I recommend her to all my friend who are looking for a caring and compassionate doctor.

Timothy A. Scholes, MD

Thank You!

Lisa D. Skinner, MD

We have had Dr. Skinner in the ER twice. She is so very caring of our 94 year young mother. Thank you!

David P. Slack, MD

Providence Palliative Care and Hospice did a superb, caring job of prescribing medicine and treatment, especially in finding the fine line in providing pain mitigation and avoiding sick effects in medicines for my wife.

Ciara N. Smith, ARNP

I appreciate my doctor taking time to listen to my needs and being patient with me.

Kendra M. Smith, MD

Thank You!

Burkley D. Snow, MD

My appendix had ruptured. I felt like I was in good hands with you doing the laparoscopic surgery. You gave me a feeling of peace. Thank you so much. God bless you with all operations.

Michael W. Strohbach, MD

Thank you for your pleasant and caring attitude.

Xingwei D. Sui, MD, PhD

Thank you for your care and kindness toward my husband Marty, and now me. God Keep Thee.

Corey R. Sullivan, MD

Dr. Sullivan, When I have appointments with you I know that I have had a thorough and caring session. Your kind personality is always appreciated. You always cover every detail regarding my health and give suggestions and referrals depending on what is needed at that particular appointment. After our session I walk away feeling grateful that you are my doctor.

Jimmy Z. Swan, MD

Thank you Dr. Swan and your crew that gave me back a large percentage of my heart function! My trust in all the people at Cardiac Associates for the last 27 years - never fades. From our hearts.

When I have lost all hope, you don't give up. We try something else. I am so grateful for you. You give me strength to go on.

Atul Thakker, MD

There are many Providence docs who have helped us in the past, but D. Atul Thakker most recently at Christmas time. We are so grateful to him for his help, professionalism and personal touch.

Stella S. Thalhamer, MD

My Dr. is very courteous, helpful, supportive. She is very punctual to my appointments. She will take good care of my health in her appointments. Thank you.

Dr. Thalhamer is always very compassionate, efficient, expert and proactive in my annual health check-ups. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and concern for my well-being, no matter how busy her day is. I am fortunate to have her as my doctor.

I don't tell you how much you are appreciated! Thank you!

Thank you for your professionalism and care. I am thankful for your timeliness and steadfast help.

Thank you, Dr. Thalhamer, for all you do for both of us.

Kevin H. Touney, MD

Thank You!

Diana Velikova, MD

Dr. Diana Velikova is wonderful and always will be the best Dr. anyone could have.

Ross E. Vogelgesang, MD

Dr. Ross Vogelgesang has been my savior for at least 25 years helping me to tolerate my terrible chronic pain.

John W. Waggoner, MD

Dr. Waggoner has my admiration and appreciation. He has taken time to help me physically and emotionally. His work is impossible and he is very approachable and fun too!

Dr. Waggoner and staff, thank you so much for the care, kindness and professionalism.

Hui Wang, MD, PhD

Thank You!

Robert S. Wark, MD

Dr. Robert Wark is a really great doctor and I really appreciate everything that he has done for me. Thank you very much.

Thank you Dr. Wark and your crew that gave me back a large percentage of my heart function! My trust in all the people at Cardiac Associates for the last 27 years - never fades. From our hearts.

Craig J. Wehrli, MD, FACC

Thank you!

Glen Weller, MD

Thank you for being there for us! Thank you for being our friend.

Bethanie R. White, MD

Thank you Dr. White and Staff.

Corey R. White, DO

Thank you Dr. White of Neurology of St. Pete's and Staff

Robert J. Widrow, MD

My wife and I have been Dr. Widrow's patients for quite a few years. He is one of the few Dr.'s that takes the time to listen to you and takes the tie to explain to you what is or he feels is the best for you concerning the reason that you are there to see him.

Ryan E. Will, MD

Thank you for three surgeries and months of knowledgeable and respectful care. I always looked forward to seeing you and was grateful for the amount of time you spent with me answering questions-- pre-surgery, via patient portal, and especially at the end of one of your marathon appointment days. I hope you take as good care of yourself. (Pace yourself for the marathon of life!) I've since had the final plate removed (Dec. 27th in Bellevue) which has left my wrist virtually pain free and with more mobility. There is soreness, but hey, since I shoveled for hours this week (wearing my brace, of course) it must be strong, right? I may consider a cartilage graft at some point, but would like to enjoy several months of healing first.

Guito Wingfield, MD

Dr. was a first class doctor. He knows our bodies and gives us excellent health care. He makes time to explain things. We couldn't ask for more.

Warangkhana Wongba, MD Dr. Wongba and staff, thank you for your care and kindeness. Great staff.

P. Brodie Wood, MD

I hare two hips and two knees. Thanks for giving me my life back.

Thanks for the new hip. Working like a charm.

Christopher L. Yarter, MD

Thank you again Dr. Yarter for the good care you've given me and my family for the many years. You are so appreciated. Thanks.

Mohammad H. Yavari-Rad, MD

Dr. Rad has provided me with excellent care!