Be Race Day Ready

Providence | Kaiser Permanente

Virtual Bloomsday Training Clinics
Friday, July 31 – September 11, 2020

Virtual Bloomsday Training Clinics, presented by Providence Health Care and Kaiser Permanente, begin July 31 through September 11. The seven-week virtual program is designed to help people prepare for virtual Bloomsday with Facebook presentations from experts, trackers to help participants reach their goals, warm up videos and guidance for gradual conditioning and training. Anyone planning to walk, jog or run can benefit from this virtual program. The virtual training program is free and open to all. Click below to register and receive the virtual Bloomsday training clinic weekly email with details and resources.

Each Friday watch a virtual presentation with an expert on Facebook and get guidance and tips to help you train and answer your questions. Visit Providence or Bloomsday on Facebook to watch the virtual presentations. Before heading out to do on the trail, participants can watch a warm-up video with Rawnie Oehler, Exercise Physiology Clinician, to get their muscles loose and heart rate up. At their own pace, participants then complete one mile the first week, adding a mile each week during the program. Participants can track their miles each week to help them reach their goals with printable and digital trackers available.

Please note: Registering for the virtual training clinics does not register you for the Bloomsday race. You can register for virtual Bloomsday online at Bloomsday is a registered trademark of the Lilac Bloomsday Association.