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Instruction by Carey Chilton Charyk, RN MA and John Charyk, MD

Mindfulness can help us learn to pay attention in an enhanced way. We learn to pay attention to experience more enjoyment and also to notice where we complicate our lives. We can slowly start to untangle ourselves from our habitual ways of dealing with stress. We can feel more at ease and discover choices in how we handle our emotions.

A program started by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is now being taught worldwide with good results in researched findings. Clinical benefits have been demonstrated in a wide variety of conditions including treatment of chronic pain, chronic anxiety disorders and prevention of relapse of depression.

This six-week highly experiential mindfulness-based course is adapted from the standard MBSR curriculum, and includes:

  • Instruction in a variety of mindfulness meditation practices
  • Exercises designed to bring mindfulness to everyday life
  • Group discussions for sharing experiences and insights with practicing
  • Instruction in mindful movement
  • Daily home assignments with guided audio recordings
  • Recordings of guided meditations to be used for home practice

Cost and registration

Tuition is $165 if registered before September 1, 2016; $200 after that date. For more detailed information and to register, visit awarecare.net.


Providence Center for Faith and Healing
(509) 474-3008
Fee: 200