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Occupational Therapy

Our staff work with a broad range of patients, including those severely limited through those who need a little fine-tuning. As many neurological disorders affect many parts of the body, we can team up with speech or physical therapies to address multiple needs.

Being a practice in a rural area, we understand the needs of Lewis County and often serve the difficult needs of those receiving specialty services in the bigger cities in a more familiar, home setting. We can work with your specialists, referring providers, and primary care provider to coordinate care and address any gaps identified. We work closely with physiatrists (rehab physicians) who regularly assist us with our more involved cases. As we are used to working with this unique population, we are able to tailor treatment to your needs. We can lengthen or shorten treatments and change treatment areas to meet your needs.Our therapists are used to providing physical assist to their patients as they regularly also work in our acute care and inpatient rehab settings.

Standardized Tests

To identify specific areas of difficulty, including coordination, cognitive status and your ability to perform activities of daily living. Muscle length, muscle strength, and joint range of motion can be assessed to determine specific areas of restriction or weakness.


Specialized equipment to aide in the recovery from a stroke, or other brain injury that has left a person without full function in their shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand. The different pieces of equipment can stretch out tight muscles and help you use the muscles that have not yet recovered. Equipment trials and treatment can be performed in the clinic. We can also help you determine insurance coverage for this equipment for home use.

Custom Splint Fabrication

Hand Therapy

We can treat post-surgical hand and wrist injuries as well as chronic or degenerative conditions including arthritis and carpal tunnel. As needed, we can work in conjunction with the wound care clinic to manage difficult post-operative or traumatic wounds at the same appointment. We are able to help you obtain over-the-counter splints and make custom splints in the clinic.

Modified Constraint Induced Therapy (MCIT)

As a very effective treatment approach for stroke patients, MCIT encourages the use of the affected extremitie(s) during repetitive tasks to retrain the brain and improve your function. We are able to integrate some of these tasks into your treatments here as well as your home program. We also offer an annual “MCIT camp” where many stroke patients attend a 6 hour group therapy program and participate in traditional MCIT activities for 1 week. We have had patients have functional improvements who are 20 years post stroke! In order to participate, patients need to have some use of the involved extremitie(s). Inclusion in the program can be determined by one of our therapists.

Stroke and Brain Injury Rehab

Using multiple approaches, we can work to regain function lost by a stroke. This may include the sensation and movement in your arm, trunk or head, or coordination, vision and difficulties with memory and thinking. We are able to accommodate patients who are experiencing complete paralysis all the way through those who are experiencing trouble with higher level activities.