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Pediatric Therapy

Our clinic is able to provide multiple therapy services for newborns up through teenagers with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, childhood illnesses, multi-traumas, neurological disorders, cerebral palsy among many others.

We combine speech, occupational and physical therapies to meet the needs of your loved one. We work closely with school therapists, In-tot, Parent-to-Parent and other local agencies to provide a continuum of care and align goals to improve you and your little one’s therapy experience.

We receive referrals from local pediatric providers and school therapists looking for additional growth and development opportunities. Our therapists have many years of experience working with families in Lewis County and surrounding areas. They understand the needs of families living in the more rural Lewis County. Many of our referrals come from providers much further north and south for those children living in this area and receiving services from out-of-the area specialists.We are able to improve your ability to receive services by allowing for a much shorter commute for recommended services by your out-of-area provider.

Developmental Testing

We are able to use standardized tests to determine whether your child is developing on schedule with language and movement. We are able to tailor these evaluations to individual needs as well. We use this testing to help develop goal areas and a treatment plan.

We have specialized treatment areas to meet the treatment needs of your children. We have 4 private treatment areas each uniquely designed for children who need more or less stimulus. We are able to socialize them with other patients as is appropriate to meet their goals and can also bring them in low-stimulus rooms where they can focus more easily on the tasks at hand.

For older children working on more challenging activities, including running, jumping, climbing and those typically performed in physical education, we utilize our open treatment gym area, long therapy hallways, climbing walls and many developmental “toys” to address needs. Treatments occur in areas where children and adults with similar difficulties are being seen to improve anxiety and self-consciousness.

Sensory Integration

We can assess and treat children who shy away from certain activities, and even foods, because of a negative response to the way certain objects feel. Our feeding team can address feeding issues as a result of this and occupational therapy can work on those activities your child struggles to perform because of this discomfort.

Alternative Speech Devices

For those little ones who are unable to speak effectively, we can assess them for a device that can do the talking for them and train both the child and the family on its use. Many pediatric and speech services are specific to diagnosis and impairments. Hannen and “It takes two to talk,” programs are geared towards children who have communication difficulties, including a specialized program for children with autism. A specialized handwriting program is offered for children who struggle to form letters and words.