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Preparing For Your Visit

Pediatric Therapy

Preparing Your Child

Our treatment sessions are typically 45 minutes long per therapy, but may be tailored to your child’s needs. If you have concerns about waiting in our shared waiting room, let us know ahead of time so we can find a private room or semi-private area for you to wait. We do ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your initial evaluation to fill out the necessary paperwork, or fill out this information at home and bring it with you to your first appointment. There are times when your child will be uncomfortable or nervous during treatment. We do our best to soothe nerves, but in order to assess or treat identified problem areas, comfort cannot always be attained. Please voice any concerns to the treating therapist and support the therapist by assuring your child they will be okay, but they need to participate in what we are asking them to do. As part of home training, we may ask that you help your child perform these tasks as well. We will be honest with you and your child, appropriate to their age, when something is expected to be uncomfortable.

  • If you child takes naps or has set meal times, please try to schedule your appointment at a time when they will have the best chance of interaction with the therapist. If you are being seen for a feeding concern, please try to coincide with their normal feeding times and bring a small sample of typical foods.
  • For after-school appointments, please provide a snack for your child if this their normal practice after school.
  • If you have concerns about waiting with your child in our waiting room, let us know ahead of time so we can find a private room or semi-private area for you to wait.
  • There are limited child-friendly activities in our waiting room as it is shared with many other hospital departments, so please bring your child’s favorite game, toy or activity. Please bring any favorite items you believe will help your child adjust to receiving treatment in our facility. Please be aware, however, we may remove these items or ask you to sit away or outside of the room for certain portions of the treatment in order to perform some aspects of treatment.
  • Please come prepared with a list of your questions and concerns along with a history of the current problem as well as your child’s developmental history and pertinent birthing details.
  • We do the best to obtain medical records from your child’s provider(s), but please bring any reports you may have from specialists or out-of-town providers we may not have access to. The more information on your child’s history we have, the more effective we can make treatment.
  • Please bring your child in their usual, but comfortable, clothing.
  • Please also bring any necessary back-up clothing, formula, food, and diapers you anticipate might be necessary.
  • At your initial appointment, we ask you to fill out a general history form, sign a consent for treatment, and provide insurance information. We ask that a parent or adult guardian attend the evaluation to help gather all pertinent information so we can create the best plan of care. The waiting room is a shared area with other patients, hospital visitors and staff.
  • We ask that you routinely arrive on-time for your appointments to take allow you to participate in all of the activities your therapist has planned. You should expect to be seen promptly at your scheduled appointment time. If your therapist has not come out for you by 5 minutes after your scheduled treatment time, please inform the front desk staff.