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Speech Therapy

Our staff work with a broad range of patients, including those with severe safety issues with swallowing to those who need a little fine-tuning with their memory. As many neurological disorders affect many parts of the body, we can team up with occupational or physical therapies to address multiple needs.

Being a practice in a rural area, we understand the needs of Lewis County and often serve the difficult needs of those receiving specialty services in the bigger cities in a more familiar, home setting. We can work with your specialists, referring providers, and primary care provider to coordinate care and address any gaps identified. We work closely with physiatrists (rehab physicians) who regularly assist us with our more involved cases. As we are used to working with this unique population, we are able to tailor treatment to your needs. We can lengthen or shorten treatments and change treatment areas to meet your needs. Our therapists are used to working with very ill patients in our acute care and inpatient rehab settings. If your needs are urgent, same day appointments are available most days.

Clinical Swallow Studies

Given when concerns over food management in the mouth or during swallow are identified. Several swallowing trials are observed by the therapist(s) for safety and management with foods provided in the clinic. This may include liquids thickened to different textures

Modified Barium Swallow Studies (MBSS)

Modified swallow studies are performed when there is difficulty moving food from the mouth to the throat or suspected aspiration of liquids or foods, in which liquids and foods enter the lungs instead of heading down to the stomach. By placing a small amount of radioactive dye on food, the speech therapist can view the complete swallowing process through continuous x-ray (fluoroscopy).

Cognitive Assessments, including Cognistat

Standardized assessments are performed to determine cognitive processing and problem solving within set normal ranges.

Additional Speech Therapies

Many speech services are specific to diagnosis and impairments. Silverman voice training is used for Parkinsons’ patients to improve volume and tone. Hannen and “It takes two to talk,” programs are geared towards children who have communication difficulties, including a specialized program for children with autism. Vital Stim is an electrical stimulation unit used to retrain the muscles used for swallowing. Each of these areas requires specialized training and must be performed in the clinic. There are several components of these treatments that will be given for home practice.