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The Day Before Surgery

On the day before your surgery, follow these eating and drinking instructions:

Patients Under Age 6

  • No solid food, formula or milk after midnight the night before surgery.
  • Water, apple juice or breast milk is allowed until three hours before the surgery is scheduled to begin.

Patients Age 6 and Over

  • Do not shave near where you will have surgery. Shaving can irritate your skin which may lead to infection.
  • Keep warm. Keeping warm before surgery lowers you chance of getting an infection.
  • Nothing to eat or drink after midnight.
    EXCEPTION: If your surgery begins after 12 p.m. (noon), clear liquids are allowed until 8 a.m. This may includes 12 ounces of water, apple juice, plain jello, black tea and black coffee. No carbonated beverages, sports drinks, broth, breath mints, gum, candy or alcohol.
  • Failure to follow these instructions may result in your surgery being canceled.