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Nutrition Consultation Services

Nutrition Consultation Services at Providence Holy Family HospitalRegistered dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy, develop individual nutrition plans for people with medical conditions (such as diabetes and heart disease), and counsel people on healthy lifestyle habits.


A registered dietitian can help you by:

  • Designing a personal weight management plan to suit your lifestyle, goals and nutritional requirements
  • Giving you direction on meal planning for your entire family (from small children to older parents)
  • Teaching you how to shop for groceries, read labels, modify your favorite recipes, and make healthy choices when dining out at restaurants
  • Guiding you on eating well during pregnancy and lactation
  • Designing a nutrition program for peak athletic performance
  • Recommending nutrition goals for eating disorders
  • Determining if you are eating properly
  • Translating the latest scientific findings into easy-to-understand nutrition information


Your personal nutrition consultation will include:

  • An analysis of your nutrition history.
  • Calculation of your individual nutrient requirements.
  • An detailed meal plan, designed to fit your lifestyle and nutrient needs.

Meal & Room Service

Holy Family is pleased to offer “At Your Request” room service for your meals at no additional cost.

Menus and instructions on how to order are located in your room. Dial 26368 any time between 7 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. and your meal will be freshly prepared and delivered within 45 minutes. The phone operator will answer any questions you may have about your diet or, if you wish, you may schedule a visit from one of our registered dietitians.

Guest trays are available for a small fee, and vouchers can be purchased in the Take Five Café.

Other Services

  • Body fat assessment
  • Cooking classes
  • Physical activity guidelines
  • Group presentations
  • Healthy Kids Nutrition
  • Counseling program

Call for an Appointment!

(509) 482-2275