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Rehabilitation Services

At Providence Holy Family Hospital, rehabilitation services include three disciplines:

Providence_Holy_Family_Hospital_Rehabilitation_Services_1Physical Therapy

Treatments for patients with musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders, wound care needs and amputees in Spokane include assessment/reassessment, education on diagnosis and care plan, heat and cold therapy, electrical therapy, exercise instruction, whirlpools and fluid therapy, dressing treatments and medication wraps, balance training and re-education, traction for neck and back, therapeutic exercise and massage and mobilization.

Occupational Therapy

Patients with neuromuscular disease, stroke, hip repair/replacement, cancer, arthritis, spinal cord injury, upper extremity fracture, pulmonary disease, and hand injury in Spokane receive treatments including assessment/reassessment, education on diagnosis and care plan, self care training, energy conservation, cognitive activities, visual perceptual tasks, range of motion, strengthening, functional activities, edema control, modalities, joint protecting and splinting.

Speech Therapy

Speech-language therapsits work with people in Spokane who have a variety of conditions including speech, language and swallowing disorders resulting from a stroke or head trauma, cancer, neurological illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis, voice problems and hearing loss.

Providence_Holy_Family_Hospital_Rehabilitation_Services_2With the expertise and individualized care of our talented team of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy professionals in Spokane, you’ll learn and develop the skills necessary to maintain an independent lifestyle.

After a comprehensive evaluation, your therapists will develop a personal treatment plan to address your unique health care needs. You’ll benefit from the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and techniques in Spokane, too.