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Getting Around in the Cymbaluk Medical Tower

Whether you’re coming to the Emergency Room, a doctor's appointment, a scheduled procedure, or just visiting a patient, you can map it all out right here.

As you view the maps above, you should be able to see a bright green line moving across each map, pointing you to your destination. If you don't see the green line, you may need to adjust your computer settings.

Looking for a specific location?

Click on “Find a Location” to access a searchable alphabetized listing of hospital services and departments, from Administration to X-ray.

Want to know where your doctor’s office is?

Click on “Physician Directory” to find your physician by name, specialty, or practice.

Interested in some general information?

Click on “General Information” to check the cafeteria and gift shop hours, learn how to access an interpreter or our Lost and Found service, or find out what services our chaplains provide.

Not sure how to find our campus?

Click on “Area & Campus Maps” to see where our campuses and services are located throughout Everett. You can also get a bird’s eye view of the Colby Campus, so you’ll know the location of the various hospital wings, the medical office building, the 1717 Building, and the parking garages.

Bring your maps with you!

Some destinations may require more than one map—so be sure to check the upper right-hand corner of your screen for the “Next Map” button. Once you’ve reached your final destination, click “Print” and bring your map with you.

And don’t worry—if you forget your map at home, wayfinding kiosks are located at the hospital in the following locations:

  • At the north garage pedestrian entrance into the D wing
  • Near the D wing Bistro
  • At the A wing entrance on 13th Street.