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Patient Stories

Patients and family members often send letters telling us about the exceptional care they received here with us at Providence Regional.

We appreciate these comments as they remind us exactly why we're here - to provide healing and comfort in a critical time of need.

Here you can read recent letters from our patients and families and even take a moment to share your story.


Acute Care

"This hospital has renewed my faith in health care"
I want to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent patient care of my husband in the cardiac step-down unit in the new Cymbaluk Medical Tower at Providence Regional. I am a quality improvement nurse at a large trauma hospital in Seattle, so I like to think I know what quality care is. I would have to say, your facility demonstrated it magnificently during his stay.

My husband was admitted with a very rare stomach disorder after being told at another facility's ER that they did not have enough nurses to care for him as an inpatient. I was reluctant to have him transfer to Providence as I knew nothing about the level of care, but from the moment he was admitted to this unit, I knew he was in a good place. The nurses were compassionate and really listened to my husband. They responded quickly when crisis after crisis occurred, and treated him with respect. My husband said to me early on in his stay, "This hospital has renewed my faith in health care."

After eight days my husband was discharged by a nurse named Julie. Everything was seamless and all of our questions were answered. The discharge coordinator even helped us get a medical priority load for the ferry without us even asking—incredible. I think the nursing staff went above and beyond for us during the stay and I felt that my husband was in a safe place and getting the care he needed, which really helped my stress level too.

We plan to use Providence in the future for our health care needs, and will highly recommend Providence to anyone who asks.

Good job and thanks to the fabulous staff.

Chris and Jim C.
Clinton, Washington


Children's Center

“He got a great start at Providence Children's Center"
Twenty-three years ago, when our youngest son was a year old he was not meeting his developmental milestones (not sitting up, etc.). He was the happiest kid on earth, just not doing the things physically that he should be doing. We took him to a doctor and they thought it could be water on the brain, cerebral palsy, or a number of other things. We were devastated. Thankfully, he was finally diagnosed with low muscle tone.

We took him to physical therapy at the Providence Children's Center. We had ZERO money back then to be paying for therapy, but took him because we had to. It was a time when we worked hard just to pay the house payment and provide food for our little family. My wife can still remember getting the bill from Providence saying that we owed $150, but that we didn't have to pay it. At that time, we didn’t have $150.

Today, my wife and I are able to participate with local charities, trying to make the lives of others better. Our son is now a healthy 24-year-old—and a former offensive lineman. At 6' 2" and 260-pounds, to say he has low muscle tone would be a joke. It appears that he got a great start at Providence Children's Center.

Everett, WA

"Singing Praises for Camp PROV"
I am writing to sing the praises for Camp PROV! It has provided my children and me one of the most beautiful weeks we've had in almost three years.

My youngest son isn’t typical. He was born one week early, but healthy on all accounts. We first noticed a change when we introduced him to solid foods. He refused to eat and fell off the growth percentage scales almost immediately. His hair was brittle, his skin was dry and he was not even close to hitting any of his milestones. Because he was also not speaking, we eventually put him in private speech therapy, but saw no improvement. We have slowly seen improvements with his eating, but the speech has come along even more slowly.

I learned about Camp PROV through our speech therapist and decided to send both of my sons to camp. On the first day, my older son was off and running, but my younger son had a harder time letting go. But with the help of his Camp PROV “buddy” he eventually let me go. That day, I went shopping just for ME, for the first time in over a year. I walked around the store in a bit of a daze, it was so wonderful!

On the second day, my younger son let me go a little sooner. I went home and did some cleaning. I was happy when I picked up my boys, and they were happy too. On the third day, I enjoyed reading a book and filling up my car with gas, of all things. Doing the “everyday” things with my youngest son can wear me down. When I picked up my boys, my youngest had a smile on his face that I haven’t seen in I don’t know how long. It was a smile coming from the depth of his heart. It was a smile of loving life. The rest of the day was beautiful. He was so happy and content with life.

Camp PROV helped my youngest try new things, interact with others his age, and improve his speech and eating (the snacks are so creative). And last, but not least, it has helped his brother and mother too! My older son had a wonderful time being with kids his age, doing the things he enjoys. He had fun while being independent from his brother, which is a nice change for him.

I am eternally grateful for the staff and volunteers who make this program what it is. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for Camp PROV.

Mill Creek, WA


Critical Care


“A Warm and Sincere Thank You”
Recently my grandfather was a patient in the CCU/ICU. He passed away, but I wanted to send a warm and sincere thank you to the wonderful nurses and physicians who took care of him during this very difficult time for our family.

His day shift nurse, Jenny, was wonderful at explaining procedures and allowing our family to spend time with our beloved grandfather, father, brother, uncle, husband, etc. It was a pleasure to have such a wonderful nurse caring for him during his short stay at Providence Regional.

Also, a very sincere thank you to Debbie who was the nurse caring for my grandfather during his passing. She was very professional and compassionate, and she explained the entire process to our family. She allowed each of us to have individual time with him, so that we could say our final goodbyes. During his passing, she kept us informed as to what was happening. This was and is a difficult time for our family, and she helped alleviate our fears and calmed our spirits.

Dr. Price and Dr. Galicia were amazing at keeping our family informed of his condition and his prognosis.

Please help me pass my gratitude on to the entire CCU/ICU staff and especially to Jenny, Debbie, Dr. Price and Dr. Galicia.

Thank you!
Kelly, RN and the entire family
Everett, WA

"I Almost Didn’t Want to Come Home"
My wife and I recently had a most positive experience at your fine facility. I was transported by ambulance from Whidbey General Hospital to Providence Regional. My wife is a patient of Dr. Christopher Price and had confidence in him as a cardiologist. We now have ultimate confidence in the entire staff and the Cardiac Surgery Single Stay Unit at Providence Regional. I am alive today because of their expertise and care. Dr. Ryan, who performed my triple bypass, informed me of all the risks, but said he was confident in the outcome. He and Dr. Price answered all questions and Dr. Ryan visited often after surgery.

The nursing staff was simply exceptional. They kept my spirits up before and after surgery. They showed warmth and humor and cannot be praised enough. I almost didn’t want to come home! Gosh, even the food was good. I was discharged a day and a half after surgery and have improved each day.

My wife was so very grateful of the care and continuing information she received during my surgery. It made the ordeal much easier to go through. Being permitted to sit with me before the operation and later to be with me in my room was simply the best thing for both of us. The nursing staff educated her fully on the care I would need at home, and the therapists and nutritionists have been so helpful.

You are to be commended on your Cardiac Surgery Single Stay Unit and its family of caregivers. What could have been a horror was a very positive thing.

Oak Harbor, WA


Emergency Department

 “She Went Out Of Her Way to Make Sure I Felt Better”

I came to the Providence Regional emergency room around midnight. I was throwing up and I felt a sudden pain in my abdominal area. They got me in quickly and helped me feel better. I want to especially thank my nurse, Liz. She was so kind and nice that it made the pain seem more bearable. She even brought me a warm blanket because I was cold. She went out of her way to make sure I felt better and was always checking on me.

Now I am feeling way better and now can do things again. I want to thank everyone that works at the emergency department because they do make a big difference in people's lives. I went last year around the same time to the old emergency room on the Pacific Campus and they were also excellent and helped me completely.

Thank You!
Lacey S.
Everett, WA

“I wouldn't think to be taken to any other hospital in an emergency situation—even if I was 100 miles away!”

This is a letter of appreciation and gratitude to the staff who took care of me in the emergency room last night. I wouldn't have guessed that a visit to an emergency room in a state of terrific pain could end up being pleasurable! Although I have never needed emergency care myself, I have taken children, a spouse and friends on several occasions and have never had a positive experience like I had last night at your hospital.

After a boating accident, my friends drove me to your facility. I was quickly greeted by a friendly receptionist who took my information and asked me to sit in the waiting room. Within minutes a gentleman escorted me to a beautiful, private room that lacked the typical sterile look and smell of a typical ER.

My nurse, Raeleen, was friendly, calm, sweet and smiled while she took my vitals. The receptionist, Leanne Floyd, let us know we were in the care of good people and she offered my son a beverage and sandwich. Soon after, Dr. Rodriquez came in and delivered his services with the utmost professionalism—balanced with humor, care and genuine concern. He understood I was experiencing a lot of pain and prescribed something immediately.

A short time later, Leo, the CT scan guy, came to get me. He was gentle, caring, efficient and had a great sense of humor. After Leo returned me to my room, Raeleen checked on my comfort again—as she often did throughout my stay. Not long after Dr. Rodriquez returned with the CT scan results, explained them to me in a way that I could understand and allowed me to ask questions until I felt I knew exactly what the diagnosis/prognosis was.

Shortly thereafter I was discharged with all the appropriate paperwork and smiles from everyone.

This was not a slow night in the ER. I saw many other patients, but I was treated with respect in a very timely manner. I am so impressed with your staff and their communication skills. I wouldn't think to be taken to any other hospital in an emergency situation—even if I was 100 miles away! Your staff should be teaching a class on bedside manner, they are exceptional! Even the financial counselor who visited me was friendly, concerned, helpful and kind.

Please extend my thanks to everyone who made me feel important, valuable and worthy of their finest treatment. It was nice for a teacher to feel like a special patient and good to know that your staff treats everyone that way.

Most grateful,
Gaylen B.
Stanwood, WA

“How Good It Is To Know That These Unsung Heroes Are There”
I am writing to compliment the nursing staff in the Emergency Department at Providence Regional during a very frightening time for me.

My nurses Linda, Katie, Jesse and Daniel were all so friendly—and so very competent—that my fear was lessened the minute I entered the room. How good it is to know that these unsung heroes are there day and night.

I hope you and the medical staff realize how fortunate you are to have staff members such as these, who in the face of major chaos, manage to go about their tasks in a calm manner that translates directly to the patient. I should also add that it appeared that they got along well with each other, another thing that is very soothing to a patient.

I am an RN. Nurses can be very challenging patients (second only to physicians, of course), but in this case I can find absolutely nothing to complain about. The care I received was too high quality to find fault.

Mukilteo, WA

“Exemplifying what it takes”

I am writing in regards to my recent inpatient experience at Providence Regional Colby Campus. Everyone from Jean and Mary in the Emergency Room to the CEU staff (Seth, Ellen, Laurie and Margie) treated me like a queen. I was very impressed with the service I received from each of these employees the entire time I was there.

I cannot explain what a difference this made in the rest of my stay. Even Catherine, the doctor who took on my case, was wonderful.

Please reward each of these people with whatever system you have as they totally exemplify what it takes to work in such a highly stressful, critical place.

Mukilteo, WA

“Well Beyond Routine Medical Care”

When my mom was given leave from Shick-Shadel Alcohol Rehab due to concerns of internal bleeding, I took her to Providence Regional’s Emergency Room on Colby.

When we got there, it was very busy. But once they did get her in, let me tell you—it was only UPHILL from there. My mom’s doctor, Sara-Jo Gahm, was outstanding! She was very compassionate and went above and beyond routine Emergency Room care!

Sara-Jo admitted my mom to the hospital—and thank God she is still there! Her nurse on 4B, Skye, is an incredible asset to your facility, as is her doctor, George Lau. These people you have working are incredible. They aren’t just “hospital staff” but they are genuinely concerned about my mom and what happens to her when she leaves the hospital. It goes well beyond routine medical care.

Thank you very much!
Mountlake Terrace, WA

"Entire experience was outstanding"
I thought I should let the hospital know about the outstanding care that I received as a patient. One Saturday evening I was not feeling well and asked my wife to take me to the emergency room. Upon my arrival, I was welcomed and was in a bed within 30 minutes. After some tests were taken, they informed me I needed to have my appendix removed. Dr. Tom Smith removed my appendix and I was released from the hospital on Monday.

My entire stay and experience at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett was outstanding and should be recognized. Thank you for having such a great place with such caring and competent staff. My wife and I both volunteer at Providence, and this experience renewed our commitment to help where we can.

Everett, WA

"Professional, cheerful and full of kindness"
Working for the Sheriff’s Office, I have worked with your ER staff on occasion, but being familiar with your ER personnel did not prepare me for becoming a patient. Upon my arrival, I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and pneumonia. My wife and I want to extend our most heartfelt thanks to every staff member who worked with us during my stay.

The care I received in the Emergency Room was spectacular. Everyone introduced themselves to me first and told me specifically what they were there to do. The staff was professional and attentive to all my concerns. They even spent time just chatting with me to help me relax – simply amazing.

When I was admitted from the Emergency Room to the hospital I was treated just as well, if not better. Everyone I came in contact with was thoroughly professional, cheerful and full of kindness. I felt comfortable and very well cared for.

In my job I don’t have the luxury of worrying too much about death or injury; I just have to accept the fact that if I get hurt I will need help. I feel very reassured knowing that if I need help again, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett will be there.

Thank you again,
Marysville, WA

"You have a group to be proud of"
In September I took my wife to your facility because she was having difficulty breathing. Upon arrival at the hospital, we were whisked directly to the Emergency Room and within three minutes of arrival there were five professionals working on my wife. From our initial arrival until she was stabilized, I was kept “in the loop” and informed of her status.

Both her night and day nurse turned out to be two of the most caring, hardworking and dedicated medical professionals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Their sole task was to make sure my wife had the best possible care they could provide.

Despite their best efforts, my wife passed away two days later. On behalf of my family, I wish to convey to you in the strongest possible terms our appreciation to their efforts and for the care, dignity and respect shown both to my wife and my family as a whole. If these two ladies' demeanor is any indication of the level of competency, professionalism and courtesy your staff exhibits as a whole, then you have a group to be proud of.

I thank you and the staff from the bottom of my heart for the way my wife was treated in your facility – no one could have done more. May God continue to bless your efforts with others.

Arlington, WA


Family Maternity Center

“I am so proud to be a part of Providence because I am associated with nurses like these!”

I was a patient in the Family Maternity Center for the birth of my daughter. I want to tell you how amazing your nursing staff is and how my husband and our families appreciate all the care your nurses gave us. We are so grateful to your staff and how they made the birth of our daughter a very special and memorable experience.

Donna A., Shelley and Mary Ann were all fantastic nurses and made me feel so comfortable with my first birth experience. Even when I was telling Shelley and Donna how I was really nervous about the unknown, they validated my concerns and made me feel confident that I was in great hands. Their continuity of care was also a huge asset to our family because we had already formed relationships with them, making it easier for us to voice our questions and ability to be completely vulnerable throughout the process. Mary Ann was a terrific advocate for me as well, making sure that we were succeeding in breastfeeding and even putting up a sign on my door to make sure that people asked her first before coming in to see me because I was so tired from the delivery.

Being a nurse at the Colby campus, I am so impressed with the nursing care I received from these amazing ladies! They strive to make each patient feel comfortable and they went above and beyond the call of duty for me and my family. I had such an amazing experience that I am seriously considering making a change in specialty to labor and delivery on this unit. These nurses have such satisfaction in their work and it's evident through the care they give to their patients! I am so proud to be a part of Providence because I am associated with nurses like these!

Samantha C., RN, BSN
Snohomish, WA

“I Don't Think I Could Have Made It Through Everything Without Lacey”
I had a beautiful baby girl at Providence Regional’s Pavilion for Women and Children. When I was admitted we were assigned a nurse named Lacey who was informative, nice and helpful. We were lucky enough to get her as our nurse for the next two nights as well. For three days we went through numerous procedures to try to get our little girl to join us. When the birth was still not progressing, we finally had to go with a C-section. Finally, we had our little girl.

I am writing because even though we had lots of fantastic nurses, I don't think I could have made it through everything without Lacey. She knew I really wanted to have a natural birth so the C-section was really scary, plus after so long I was terrified that something was wrong with my baby. Lacey stayed by my side the whole time reassuring me that we would both be okay.

Thank you,




“The personnel, procedures and facility are of the absolute finest quality”
I recently spent 17 days in the hospital. Let me tell you right now that the very finest people on this planet work at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett. I met more than two hundred doctors, nurses and staff and every single one of them is an angel in disguise. The personnel, procedures and facility are of the absolute finest quality.

They saved my life and I owe them everything. When strong enough, I will be volunteering at this wonderful facility.

Rob, Washington

"We were treated with the highest respect and included in every decision"
When my mother was admitted to Providence Regional Medical Center for cancer treatment, my family had never been more frightened in our lives. But, from day one to day 33 we were treated with the highest respect and were included in every decision.

The seventh floor is heaven on earth! They started off as our nurses and ended up our family! Once, when my mother stopped breathing, one of your special nurses rushed in and saved her life right in front of us. She was so humble about it when we praised her.

Then we got to experience the awesome nurses on the Critical Care Unit. There is SO much more I can say about how wonderful everyone was there—we even loved Lucy, our wonderful, warm and caring housekeeper.

Our caregivers laughed with us and cried with us—and on day 33 when the doctor told us she was in remission, they celebrated with us! We as a family are forever grateful to all of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the world-class care we all received!

Bless you all!

“I have never felt so safe and so accommodated”
I have spent my life around hospitals—parents who were in the healthcare field. I have never in my life seen a hospital that operates on the level that you people do. I have never felt so safe and so accommodated…never ever felt that the family members that have been in your care were so safe and taken care of.

For example, my wife came to you for the second time with very serious issues that required surgery had an itch on her leg that she couldn’t reach. She called the nurse on the call button and they came and itched her leg in less than a minute. Then, the surgical nurse called me in the waiting room and let me hear the Doppler Ultrasound that showed that blood was flowing back into my wife’s foot. They showed an incredible level of compassion, dedication and commitment. The above and beyond love they have for what they do, and the betterment of people is exemplary. I have never once doubted or felt unsure of anything I was told by the staff.

They are very gifted people and are well deserving of all the awards and accolades you as a whole have received. Thank you again with great admiration and humility. Without you people my wife would not be here. God definitely has guided you, the doctors, the nurses and the complete Providence team, in what my opinion is the true nature of healthcare.

John H.
Oak Harbour, WA

"Working together as a team"
My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer and came to Providence Regional Medical Center to have his colon removed. All was successful thanks to Dr. Marandi and Dr. Coughenour.

But the reason I am so compelled to write you is because of the outstanding care we had and are still getting from the Ostomy/Wound clinic. All of the nurses there have worked together as a team in helping my husband and I learn how to use our new “stuff”. Correne, Heather, Sarah and Shari were all there to help assist us. We had problems - he had lost too much weight- but they were patient. Their persistence and expert knowledge had just been wonderful. Shari even came to our home on Easter Sunday when we encountered complications. She found the right solution. What a wonderful team they are.

You have a great facility!

Thank you from two grateful recipients.
Glenn and Jan
Everett, WA

"Worth Their Weight in Gold"
As a patient (post disc laminectomy), no one prepared me for the wonderful staff that I got to meet and experience. Your staff was not only gentle, caring and concerned—it was nice to see that they recognized someone who is not at their best. From Mariko, Kate, Jackie and the rest, I was able to make it out in less than 24 hours. A big thanks to Gretchen, the physical therapist, and my doctor (a miracle worker in my book...Dr. Sanford Wright).

To know that they work so hard everyday to make patients as comfortable as possible is a boost that nothing in the world can replace, except maybe chocolate. Please pass along “thank you's” to everyone from pre-op on up to the ward. I could not have made it without them. They are each worth their weight in gold and I am so privileged to have such a wonderful team on my side. God bless each and every one.

Everett, WA

"Second-to-none care"
I have worked in the healthcare profession for many years as a CMA, so an emergency gall bladder surgery allowed me to experience the "other side" as a patient. I feel very fortunate having Providence Regional Medical Center Everett as my primary inpatient care facility. The care I received was second-to-none. I will have no problem promoting Providence Regional to our patients when my provider recommends care.

One of the first things I noticed, besides the constant personal ID verification—including the use of bar codes, was that at the end of each visit to my room, virtually every hospital employee from the ala-carte food delivery attendant to the CNAs, RNs and providers asked, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” It made it hard not to have a positive experience because they addressed any concern I had as soon as it was brought up. They were committed to making my stay a positive experience!

I was also quite impressed with the RN care I received. My nurses were totally committed to making me as comfortable as possible. They were very proactive with pain control, especially since I was in significant discomfort. I felt like I was allowed to participate in choosing the best plan of care based on how I was feeling. They also worked closely with me at times even acting like "cheerleaders" in my progress.

Reflecting on my experience, I hope to use some of these positive tactics when I return to work. I've seen firsthand how the little things you do can be so powerful.

Everett, WA

"Professional, yet caring and real people"
I had an awesome experience: from emergency, to admitting, to surgery. I felt comfortable and safe, at least as much as one can when facing surgery.

Your best asset is your people. They were professional, yet caring and real people. I didn’t feel the “better than you” attitude I have felt at other hospitals.

Thank you,
Arlington, WA

"Professional and sensitive care"
As a family we would like to acknowledge the professional and sensitive care our father received in your hospital.

Each staff member always introduced themselves, sought to make our father more comfortable, answered our questions and offered services to make us more at ease. They came by to let us know when their shift ended and they would ask again if we had any other needs before they left. The chaplain also came by to see how my father was doing.

The quality care that my father received through your staff is a direct reflection on the quality of teamwork and administration that exists at Providence.

We want to express our gratitude and appreciation for receiving such professional medical services in taking care of our dad and providing our family a caring environment during this time.

(Family name withheld)


Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


“Thank You for the Loving Care”
Thank you for the loving care of our little “25-weeker”. Everyone was very supportive and great to work with during his two months at Providence. We are so happy to have our super-preemie, little man home!

Lovetta and Family
Mount Vernon, WA

"More Than Satisfied"
When you're pregnant, you have the perfect plan for how you want your birthing experience to go. I even had a back-up plan. But, as I had to learn, babies have their own plans on how they want to enter the world. My daughter was born six weeks early so I had to be transported over an hour away from home to the Pavilion for Women and Children at Providence Regional.

I was scared, alone and nervous. I had not completed my birthing classes, but I knew that delivering at almost 34 weeks was not good. From the very beginning, the care I received at your facility was wonderful! Everywhere I went, I was surrounded by wonderful staff members who were informative, caring and empathetic.

After my daughter was born, she was taken to the newborn intensive care unit (NICU). The entire NICU staff—from the neonatologist to the nurses—is such an asset and blessing to your facility. They were there to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on—and empowered us with the knowledge to successfully care for our daughter.

While this was not the plan I had in mind for my daughter's birth, I can honestly say that I am more than satisfied with the care we received at Providence Regional. Everyone we came in contact with will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

Oak Harbor, WA


Providence Medical Group


“I Was Fortunate to Get ‘the Specialist’ of the Specialists”

Dr. Timothy Byrnes is a cool and collected sort of guy who made me a brand new, reconstructed heart. With outstanding maneuvering and dedication, he was able to bring my old heart back to life.

When the time came, I was fortunate to get “the specialist” of the specialists to monitor my condition.

I will always be grateful for what you have done for me. Thanks for saving my life!

Chester P.
Camano Island, WA




“I Will Be Forever Grateful to God for Them”
I was hospitalized last year after fall from my young horse. Even while wearing a helmet, I suffered traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for nearly ten days. When I woke I was sent from the Critical Care Unit on the Colby Campus to the Rehab Unit on the Pacific Campus.

The Rehab staff on the second floor was phenomenal! I was awake, but pretty groggy and weak. They helped me to stand, walk, bathe, learn to dress, balance my checkbook—all the things that used to be effortless. Even though they were really busy, they were always there for me with a smile of encouragement and a joke or two. I was determined to get back in the saddle and they never discouraged me.

I made an amazingly strong and swift recovery. Seven months later I am back to work full time as a riding instructor and horse trainer, which is my great passion. I have ridden in a show and coached two students already this year. I feel better than ever!

The Rehab staff at Providence will always be my "buds" and I will be forever grateful to God for them.

Denise G.
Snohomish, WA

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

"Thank GOD my doctor sent me here"
Since I started Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Providence, my breathing has improved—in fact, my doctor says my test results are better than they were two years ago!


I no longer need oxygen therapy 24 hours a day. I am already walking 30 minutes on the treadmill and smile the entire time. Thank GOD my doctor sent me here. My quality of life is already better.

Carole J.
Marysville, WA

Support Services


“You are very blessed to have people like her.”
My wife was at Providence Regional Medical Center this summer for nine days. Then she passed away. She was on the fourth floor for most of the time.

Both my wife and I were very impressed with your housekeeper, Judy—with her hard work, fun attitude and all around fun personality.

You are very blessed to have people like her working at Providence, and it made our day much easier to handle.

Please thank her for the both of us.

Bob M.
Clinton, WA


"You can be proud"
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how professional and caring your hospital staff is.

I came to Providence Regional Medical Center Everett in June. I was greeted by a delightful, caring lady and then a nice young man took me to surgery. When I was taken into surgery, a group of professional, proficient associates with Dr. Papenhausen was waiting.

From the time I came in until discharged, I want you to know it was one of the best experiences I have encountered…what a wonderful hospital you can be proud of with so many caring professionals.

Lynnwood, WA

"More than I could ask for"
I came to Providence Regional Medical Center Everett for surgery and wound rehabilitation. Everyone on the staff was wonderful! From housekeeping, to the terrific food and service from the kitchen, to all the lovely people in the therapy world, to all the friendly, helpful aides – everything was just great!

Best of all are the nurses. They are all very professional, competent and caring and they all made me feel better in so many ways. From wound changes, to moral support, to the occasional dish of ice cream, they were always doing more than I could ask for.

Thanks to everyone at Providence for making a very tough time so very much better!

Thanks again,
Lake Stevens, WA

"Competence and compassion"
I was a patient at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett in December. I got a radical prostatectomy by means of the daVinci surgical robot operated by the able hands of Dr. Tony Chen.

I would like to comment on the competence and compassion demonstrated by all the staff persons with whom I had contact. I was cared for at both Pacific and Colby campuses and was treated with high levels of professionalism and sensitivity at both locations.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Chen and his kind and understanding treatment of a rather nervous patient. My phone calls were answered in a very timely fashion and several calls were initiated by Dr. Chen to check on me and answer any further questions.

His staff is also excellent and contributed to my feelings of confidence and well-being.


"Above and beyond all expectations"
In April I was admitted to Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, Colby Campus, for neurosurgery. I had a large, non-cancerous falcine meningioma that was wrapped around the mid-line blood vessel. This procedure involved 11 hours of surgery.

The surgical team was amazingly good at their job. I was only in the hospital four and a half days and my scarring is mostly not visible. I still have most of my hair and have had little to no pain. I would recommend this surgical team.

My husband, friends and family have been amazed at the speed of my recovery which I owe in part to this great surgical team! The total experience for myself, friends and family was above and beyond all expectations.

Arlington, WA

“The staff at Providence Regional is doing a great job in every possible way.”
I would like to congratulate you for the great job you are doing, and to tell you that you should be proud of the best medical team in the world that you are leading. Also, by this letter I would like to let you know how impressed and grateful I am to all the staff at Providence Regional Medical Center, Colby Campus.

Last year I had a craniectomy/tumor resection performed by Dr. James Wang and was discharged four days later. This procedure was made possible with the huge help of Sherry in the financial aid department. She is the most compassionate woman I have ever met. She spared no effort to help inform me and get the financial assistance I needed. Let me tell you, the staff at Providence Regional is doing a great job in every possible way. I’m impressed with the compassion, professionalism and kindness of everyone on the staff who were involved with my care—starting with my surgeons, Drs. James Wang and Michael Geier.

I would also like to thank the ICU nurses M.J. and Debbie who took care of me during my stay on the ICU floor. The same goes for the nurses who helped me on the fourth floor, like Dora, Maria, Annette and John. They were always checking on how I was doing, or seeing if my wife or I needed anything. I would like to continue with the personnel from the kitchen—from the cooks, the person who takes the phone orders, to the delivery person, always smiling, delivering hot and good tasting food. Everybody did a great job.

Finally, but not last, the housekeeping staff always did a great job taking great care of the room and all of the needs for my care. I would like to personally thank all of the individuals who were involved directly and indirectly with my care. They should be congratulated. Please tell them on my behalf, “Thank you very much, you made a huge difference, you are the best!”

Sincerely yours,

Carlos B.
Arlington, WA

Wound and Ostomy Clinic

“Making a Positive Impact”

For the past eight months I have been bringing my mother to the Wound and Ostomy Clinic at Providence Regional.

My mother developed a wound in her leg that would not heal, and while doctors treated her with antibiotics, she developed MRSA and required hospitalization. After her release from Providence Regional, we began going to the Wound Clinic for further care on a weekly basis.

Coreen Chriest has been my mother’s nurse at the Wound and Ostomy Clinic. Coreen has truly been a blessing to me and my mom. She is not only extremely knowledgeable and proficient in her field, but makes every effort to connect to her patients and their families.

As an only child, I am often left to make the hard health decisions regarding my mom’s care. It was reassuring to know that I could count on Coreen to be my mother’s advocate and help me with some of those tough decisions. When my mom developed yet another staff infection in her leg it was Coreen who suggested we consult with Dr. Diez.

Although these past months have been extraordinarily difficult for my mom, the care she has received at the Wound and Ostomy Clinic at Providence Regional has helped us both make it through each ordeal and not give up hope. Coreen Chriest is one of many healthcare professionals at Providence Regional who make a positive impact on the lives of their patients on a daily basis.

Mukilteo, WA