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Online Training for the Feb. Epic Upgrade is Now Live

Published January 19, 2015

Prepare for the Epic upgrade on Feb. 7-8 by accessing a HealthStream class called “Epic Upgrade – What You Need to Know.” This HealthStream course became available on Jan. 16, and provides instructions for accessing appropriate role-based training, tips and tricks plus other important information relative to the upgrade.

Core training deliverables

This document provides detailed information about the preparations being made to ensure caregivers are prepared for the upgrade. No classroom training will be necessary prior to the upgrade. A variety of tools, including eLearnings, practice scenarios and tips & tricks sheets, have been created to ensure Epic users are prepared. Here are some key facts you should know about Epic upgrade training and caregiver preparation:

  • All Epic upgrade training materials will be available on Jan. 16, 2015.
  • All Epic users (excluding providers) will be assigned a HealthStream module called ”Epic Upgrade – What You Need to Know.”
  • Provider training will be located in The Commons. (This does not include Community Connect providers.)
  • The training module will direct Epic users to a guidebook that will provide appropriate training based on role or function.
  • Training will vary by role and may include eLearnings, playground scenarios and tips & tricks.
  • ELearnings will only be assigned to roles that will be highly affected by the upgrade. A list of high impact roles is available on the Epic upgrade intranet site.
Go-live support

Caregivers and providers will have several different ways to get support after the upgrade takes place.

  • At-the-elbow support:  Super users will be the first line of support for Epic users after the upgrade takes place. Clinical informaticists and training team members will also be on site to triage issues and provide at-the-elbow support. Departments that are highly impacted by the upgrade will have the highest priority when it comes to assistance.
  • Epic Service Desk:  An Epic Service Desk will provide dedicated support to providers and staff. Service desk staff will be available by telephone 24/7 to help resolve issues in a timely manner and support the needs of our providers and staff. This Q&A provides additional information on the Epic Service Desk, including contact information.  
  • Local engagement centers:  Larger ministries may have engagement centers onsite, where informatics and training team members can go to triage issues sent to them by the command center and the Epic Service Desk.
If you have any upgrade training related questions, please contact the clinical informatics leader for your ministry. We also encourage you to visit the Epic upgrade intranet site for additional information.
Janice Newell
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Deb Burton
Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer