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Food and Nutrition Caregivers Lower Food Waste, Drive Down Health Care Costs and Give Back to the Community

Published January 26, 2015

Since April 2013, our food and nutrition department caregivers have been committed to a LeanPath program with the goal to reduce pre-consumed food waste and overall food cost. Caregivers were open to the idea and willing to give it a try. They participated with their leadership to implement, evaluate results and take action. And we are so glad they did! In just over a year and a half, they have been able to save 154,196 lbs. of wasted food equaling a cost savings of over $226,000! To see the entire cost avoidance summary, click here.

Providence leaders were so impressed with the department’s ability to save on wasted resources, they encouraged the department to take some of the money saved and donate it back to the community. Just over a week ago, Mersedeh Schmidt was able to hand a $1,500 check to the leaders at the Volunteers of America to help provide food for the hungry. “They were thrilled and appreciated the check very much,” said Mersedeh. A HUGE thank you goes to all food and nutrition caregivers who take their time to track food waste as part of this LeanPath program. Not only are they driving down wasted food, but through their efforts, they are creating a lower cost of health care for our community!

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