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Senior Leadership Team Launches Mission in Motion

Published January 26, 2015

Message from D.W. Donovan, Vice President of Mission Integration & Spiritual Care

A few years ago, I read an article on organizational life and some of the points really stuck with me. The author asserted that mission-driven organizations (such as ours) face two primary challenges as they grow:  The first is that people can lose the sense of being a close-knit family with a common cause.  And the second is that their mission, their very reason for being, can sometimes get lost amidst all the administrative work. 

Personally, those challenges are alarming to me.  The entire reason I get up in the morning is because I am so passionate about our mission and because of my genuine care for and desire to serve with my colleagues.  So, how does an organization like ours avoid becoming a victim of its own success? We are big, and growing bigger.  Not for the sake of growth, but out of our commitment to serve all of the people of God, especially the poor and the vulnerable.  

Preston and I were talking about this one day and we decided to launch a renewed version of “Mission in Motion.”  Each month, a member of the Senior Leadership Team will sponsor a service opportunity outside of our ministry. That leader will invite other members of the core leadership team to join them on their volunteer activity.  It will be an opportunity to enjoy one another’s company outside the usual pressures of our primary ministry.  And it can serve as a visible reminder to all that our serve extends into the entire community … and beyond. 

Preston volunteered to take to coordinate the first project and he sent out an email asking for help. We had the available spots fill up in in four minutes.  Seriously.  And truly, a great time was had by all. 

Next week we will have the pleasure of reading about the Preston’s team experience at the Christmas House, followed by many more meaningful volunteer stories throughout the year.