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Message from Leadership: D.W. Donovan

Published July 28, 2014

My family and I have spent the last couple of weekends getting settled into a new rental house. Through the process, I was reminded of the two or three months that we spent in transitional housing after our condo in California had sold.  We went from a nice sized condo near a large park to a very small two-bedroom apartment with no view at all.  Most of our belongings were in storage and we kept only the bare essentials.

To my surprise, I found that time refreshing, even liberating. It turns out that there is a lot of "stuff" that I really don't need.

Jack Mudd, our senior vice president for Mission, was telling me a story about when Dr. John Koster, our former system CEO, had argued to include "simplicity" as one of our core values during the Providence reunification process.  While we did not end up including simplicity as a core value, Dr. Koster would often encourage us to keep things simple.

I know that sounds crazy right now.  I know that things feel anything but simple right now.  I know that many of us feel over-extended and wonder how we can possibly keep up.

From a big picture and strategic perspective, the Senior Leadership Team focuses on the Triple Aim (Population Health, Patient Experience, Per Capita Cost) as a way of simplifying our priorities.  As you think about your work here at Providence, are there two or three things that you can focus on that will help you remember the big picture of why we are all here?

No one is denying that we are in the midst of a significant and complex change.  But there are a lot of simple things that we can do to take small steps in the right direction.

Here are three of my simple priorities in everything that I do for this week:

  • Create sacred space
  • Appreciate the gifts of everyone
  • Enjoy the outdoors

What might you focus on in the days to come?