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Message from Leadership: My Promise Story

Published June 9, 2014
By Kim Williams, Chief Operating Officer

Together, we answer the call of every person we serve: Know me, care for me, ease my way. This is a promise made to everyone we serve: our patients, colleagues, families and communities. When we serve as living testimonials of this vision, we’re keeping our promise and therefore, creating our very own Promise Stories.

My promise began when I obtained my nursing degree many years ago and was a direct care nurse where I could have a very direct impact on individual patients and their families. Even today I think back on the joy and pleasure of making a difference for patients in ways that went way beyond direct care of a medical diagnosis. Much of our care is clearly “hearing” our patients and knowing them, in their own words, so we can ease their way. It is humbling when you understand the effect a smile or an acknowledgement can have on a patient or family. Although I no longer serve in a role where I am providing direct patient care, my promise to make a difference in their lives continues through efforts to support the wonderful work all of you do, each and every day, to ensure our collective promise remains in knowing, caring for and easing their way.

As a leader, my goal has always been to support caregivers. I love my work at Providence, and in working with other leaders and staff, I seek to hear the collective voice with a goal towards excellent patient care. Knowing that creating a healthier community and driving down the cost of healthcare are very interesting and challenging work—and it is the work in front of each of us when it comes to a healthier community—I understand that work starts with myself. That’s why I often ask how can I engage in a way that creates a better experience for patients and families while reducing the overall cost of care. I’m committed to making the patient care experience the best it can be through all that I do in helping to support you and your efforts.

So tell me, what is your promise? How do you live our vision to know, care for and ease the way of our patients and each other?

I encourage you to share your promise story through Providence’s Promise Story initiative. You can do so at ourpromisestories.org, and it is available only to caregivers to highlight how we work together to make a difference for others. It’s a great place to go as People of Providence when we’re seeking inspiration and wanting to reflect on the differences we’re making together as a team.