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CAPFL and WOFL Training for Leaders in September

A Message from PRMCE Chief Executive Preston Simmons:

Dear Leaders:

Please join me in signing up for the Change Acceleration Process (CAP) and Work-Out for Leaders course offered in Everett on September 9 and 10.

Your Northwest Washington leadership team and I are committed to your ongoing development as we work to create an organization that continually improves processes. As part of your development, we expect all leaders within Providence to attend this important course.

About the course

This two-day course will focus on the Change Acceleration Process (CAP) model for change and Work-Out methodology which uses a series of tools to drive acceptance and ownership of change and process improvement. The workshop will introduce you to tools for creating a shared need, shaping a vision, mobilizing commitment, making change last and monitoring progress. 

Once you complete the course, you will be able to use the tools to effectively manage change, implement projects and improve productivity. I am sure you will agree that with all the initiatives in front of us, it’s important that we have a common skill set and language for improving processes.

If you have already taken this class, please forward this message to other leaders or staff in your department as needed. 

How to sign up

To sign up:

  1. Log into HealthStream.
  2. Click Catalog.
  3. Search for “CAPFL/WOFL”
  4. Click “CAPFL/WOFL (WA-MT + System Office).”
  5. Click “Show Class Schedule.”
  6. Next to the CAPFL/WOFL course on the date you would like to attend, click “Register."
We have 40 open slots for every class and would like to fill every slot to ensure we are good stewards of our trainers and room resources. If the course is full, you will have the option to go on the waitlist. If you are waitlisted, be sure to check back in HealthStream to see if you have been moved off the waitlist and into the class (HealthStream will not send you a notice if this happens, so you’ll have to keep checking).

If you find that your availability changes, please un-enroll from the class as soon as possible. You can cancel your registration up to five days in advance.

Thank you. I’ll look forward to seeing you in class.

Preston Simmons

Chief Executive