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Clinical Program Services: Update from the Six Pillars

Published March 2, 2015

Clinical Program Services (CPS) was initiated two years ago to bring experts across the organization together to develop, design and deploy clinical standardizations that improve the cost of care while maintaining or improving access, clinical quality and patient satisfaction. Since then, CPS launched 13 clinical performance groups and focused work groups, welcomed more than 1,000 clinical experts collaborating across clinical areas and care operations, and rolled out dozens of new initiatives with more than 200 currently underway. Here is a short update on each of the six pillars being worked on system-wide.


  • Cancer registry data mart formed; consolidated information from tumor registries across the organization will provide a single data source for reporting cancer discrete data
  • Create metastatic chemotherapy tools for breast, lung, prostate and colorectal, and clinical pathway for invasive bladder and breast cancer
  • Develop short- and long-term solutions to meet the 2015 psycho-social screening requirements for Commission on Cancer accredited facilities


  • Actionable care steps for AAA procedures across the organization created; rollout in progress
  • Define and adopt patient guidelines for PCI same-day discharge
  • Work to default low-risk STEMI PCI patient's post procedure transfer to a lower level of care as appropriate to the patient's condition


  • Implementation of new system-wide Providence Joint Replacement Registries continuing
  • Development of clinical care pathways for low-back pain and geriatric hip fracture patients, focusing on care utilization and patient experience across the care continuum
  • Pursuing a large-joint implant contract for the organization; responses from vendors under review


  • Adopt evidence-based guidelines for concussion diagnosis and treatment
  • Create care pathways for imaging/malignant tumors/single and multiple mass, and advanced care models for stereotactic radiosurgery
  • Finalize MS care protocol production template; prepare for system-wide dissemination

Women & Children

  • Diagnostic and care pathway for pediatric appendicitis completed; smart phrases currently being built in Epic
  • Create a system-wide breastfeeding policy that can be localized; includes provider and caregiver education
  • Endorse standard pediatric vaccinations and schedule, including the flu vaccine; awaiting review from Medication and Therapeutics Committee


  • Align with research needs identified by cancer, cardiovascular and neurosciences CPS Performance Groups; more formalized Research Advisory Council following May 8-9 Research Summit
  • Develop website tool to facilitate user-friendly access to existing Research Support Services for all sites -such as IRB, contracts, training, registries, publications, compliance support - targeted by April
  • Develop consolidated reporting of research activities across PH&S, talking points and other communication tools

Information about these efforts and other work from groups such as critical care, diagnostic imaging, digestive health, pharmacy, surgical robotics, sleep medicine, and transplant, can be found on the Clinical Program Services site.